How To Cancel QuickBooks Payroll Subscription- Get Easy Steps

Cancel QuickBooks Payroll Subscription

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Payroll is one of the best options for QuickBooks desktop and online. This saves time and Vendor Plus employees can use this payroll facility or vice-versa. By the way, no one wants to cancel Quickbooks Payroll Subscription not now and then. But the most common questions asked by a user when using the Inuit payroll service. In today’s blog, we are trying to solve this problem for users. You can do the canceling of QuickBooks Payroll subscriptions in three different ways, which includes

  • Payroll Service cancellation.
  • Submitting an online request.
  • Canceling the subscription via the website.

Follow the specific steps carefully to correct the problem.

Before you Cancel Complete your Final Payroll Tasks

Make sure you perform these before canceling your payroll subscription:

  • Finish and process all your final payroll
  • Take out the print of necessary payroll reports

In case you already have your payroll service to pay or file your own taxes, ensure you perform these activities:

  • Complete the payment of any outstanding tax deposits
  • Complete and process your outstanding annual or quarterly forms

Steps to Cancellation QuickBooks Payroll Service

  • Open QuickBooks account
  • Click on the Employees menu
  • Click on my payroll.
  • Next, go to the account/billing information and click on it
  • A new page will open where you will have to sign in.
  • Login to your account and another new page will open, which is account maintenance.
  • There will be a part of the service information.
  • Click on the item on the page that has been canceled
  • Next, continue the process of canceling the payroll service as indicated.

Submit an Online Request to Cancel your QuickBooks Payroll Subscription –

  • Open the QuickBooks Online Cancellation Form.
  • Choose a suitable reason to cancel the service.
  • Enter the Company’s details and make sure they match the previous details as well.
  • Click on the continue button, and then enter the date of the Final Payroll Check.
  • Enter the following details for ending up-
    • Contact name 
    • Daytime phone
    • Email address
  • Then click on the submit request button.

Steps to Cancel Subscription through the Website:

  • Visit the Intuit account and enter your information.
  • Below products and services.
  • Choose the QuickBooks payroll subscription you are canceling.
  • Select Cancel Service
  • Enter the reason for leaving the payroll. Example Business has running at a loss.
  • You can proceed to cancel in two different ways. Cancel now or cancel the next billing date.
    • Cancel Now- The payroll subscription will be canceled quickly. You will get a full refund for the membership, which will be credited. Through QuickBooks payment information that you have provided during activation/purchase. Canceling a retail version of QuickBooks payroll.
    • Cancel on the next billing date- You will be able to consume the period that the service has been paid for but the service will not auto-renew. You’ll get an email confirming the work has been set to expire.

What about Cancellation Refund

When payroll is canceled, users think of canceled withdrawal According to the T&C Intuit. If the payroll membership is canceled within 60 days of purchase. The refundable amount will be giving 100%. But if the customer wants to subscribe to an employee only till the expiry date, no amount will be refunded.

When will Refund be returned to you

Here below is the approximate period to get your refundable amount back with various payment methods:

  • Credit and Debit card payees will get a refund on their credit card statement. Within 7 business days after processes are made.
  • Through electronic file transfer, the return will be within 10 business days
  • If you are expecting a return via mail check, you will receive it within two weeks


In this blog, we have given you the 3 ways to cancel the QuickBooks Payroll Subscription. You can cancel it by visiting or Intuit website with desktop software online. If you are not able to cancel your Payroll Service then it’s time to get in touch with our QuickBooks ProAdvisor. They guide you on how to do that all with ease.

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