How To Credits Memo And Refunds Checks In QuickBooks Online

Credits Memo And Refunds in Quickbooks

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Together with Quickbooks, you can create memos or straight initiate a refund check through some basic characteristics. It comes furnished with customizable invoice templates for billing consumers and sales receipts for recording instant sales. It supports you on online payments, so you can accept debit and credit card payments and electronic checks.  In this blog, we have to provide you some helpful and supportable characteristics to make credit memo and refunds in Quickbooks.   

Customer credit memo

It is usually used when the customer is running with you. Perhaps they can buy some widgets, return them, or dispute the service they received from your business. Since the customer often buys from you, you may already have some other invoices. This is the perfect scenario for credit memos. The customer returns the goods, you refund them and this applies to the best invoices. There is no money to change hands. The tricky part of this transaction is creating zero entry customer payments to reduce accounts receivable to open accounts.

Refund receipt

A refund receipt is used when you return the money to the customer. Maybe it’s a one-time customer .. or they get upset and don’t want a credit memo. There are only two examples of how a customer uses a refund receipt.

Overview of Credit Memo And Refund Check

For some new users recording a credit memo or refund can be a quite complex method. This is the reason we have given simple steps in this article that will surely helpful for them. Before that let’s understand the credit memo and refund check overview

Credit Memo

  • Credit memos generally use to return the product for which your customer has been paid.
  • Users can register for credit amounts with the upcoming invoice you have to make for your customer.
  • Provide a helpful feature to track your payment, sale, and return products.

Refund Check

  • Refund checks only used while there is an overpayment. 
  • You can use a Refund check when your customer is asking for a refund.

Customer Credit Memo And Refund Receipt: Steps

Return receipt

  1. Click on + Select the refund receipt under the Customers column.
  2. Please enter details. Use the same item used in the original invoice being returned.
  3. Click Save or Close or save it. I would like to print out the paperwork that goes with the refund receipt. Then click on Print Return Receipt.
  4. Click on Print Check.

Customer credit

  1. Click + to find a credit memo and navigate to it under the Customers column.
  2. Use the items you return from the original invoice.
  3. You can print it and save it.
  4. Click + to get back.
  5. Enter a zero number for the sum.
  6. Click on the box for the invoice you are depositing.
  7. Click the box for the credit memo below.
  8. Make sure the credit memo is in the amount applicable to the invoice, if that amount is different from the invoice amount.
  9. Make sure that the entire transaction is zero and the date you want to apply is correct. (See video for viewing)
  10. Click Save and Close.
  11. Optional: You may want to send a statement showing the transaction flow to your customer. Show open invoices and show payment of applicable credit memo.

Make A Credits Memo And Refunds In Quickbooks 

  • From the main menu, move to Customer > Create Credit Memos/ Refunds
  • From the drop-down menu of Customer: Job, select the consumer for which you want to make a Credit Memo.
  • Insert the items to be returned under the Item section and then Press on the Save button. 
  • Choose the following options from the Available Credit Window:-

Retain as an Available Credit 

Quickbooks automatically fill a negative amount under you’re A/R register for the credit memo. This credit can be utilized as payment for another transaction as well. 

Provide a Refund 

You have the option to provide a refund, in the form of cash, check or a credit card refund.

Apply to an Invoice

Quickbooks run the Apply Credit to Invoices window. Here, you can select an invoice to which the credit will get applied.  

  • Press on the OK button.

Issue A Refund Check in QuickBooks

Through the Receive Payments window

  • From the main menu, move to Customers > Receive Payments to move to the large and overpayment transaction. 
  • From the big and overpayment section, press on Refund the amount to the Customer.
  • Press on Save and Close option.
  • Present all the required information in the issue of a Refund window. 

Through the Write Checks window

  • From the main menu, move on to Banking > Write Checks.
  • Fill in all required and eligible information 
  • Choose a customer from the Pay to the order of the drop-down list. 
  • Insert the large and overpayment amount in the $ currency.
  • Navigate to the Expenses ab and then choose Account Receivable from the account drop-down.
  • Press on Customer: Job drop-down and choose the customer.
  • Press on Save and Close option. 

Link the check to he large and overpayment

  •    From the main menu, move on to Customers > Receive Payments
  •    Choose the customer from Received from the drop-down list.
  •    Press on Discounts and Credits.
  •    Mark and check you created from  the Available Credits section
  •    And Press on Save And Close option.

Refund Check 

You want to create a credit memo first whenever you need to Refund to a consumer. once you do that, write a refund check by following the given below the characteristics:-

  • Run the credit memo that you are watching to utilize for the refund.
  • Press on the Refund option from the top-up of the window
  • Validate all the information are correct and right. 
  • Press on the OK button.    

Through link the Check to the Payment

  • From the main menu, move on to Customers > Receive Payments.
  • Choose the customer for whom the refund check was written. This will display you to the amount of credit added in the Existing Credit Field and the refund check. 
  • Press on the Apply Existing Credits. 
  • Present the amount under the payment column. if Quickbooks doesn’t insert it automatically then press on 
  •   if you choose Customers then you will have to press on Credits Memo And Refunds to display the credit memos you entered recently and choose Transaction History to view the refund check listed in the Payment Transaction History – Credit memo window process.


In this blog, we provided you some helpful characteristics that should enable you to record credits memo and refunds in Quickbooks easily or simply. I hope this blog will help or support you. If you meet any type of difficulty. In such situations, you want to get in touch with us then you can hire a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and receive your issues resolved instantly solutions.         

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