How to Pay Bills in QuickBooks Online

A small scale business cannot run while not paying and managing bills. If you are a QuickBooks Online user the complete QuickBooks online bill payment method will create things easier for you. In this blog, we talking about how to pay bills in QuickBooks online very well.

From getting into a bill and creating payments to setting reminders and reviewing the bills. All of this will be done through one accounting tool. You may get all the essential information during this blog.

How to Enter and Receive Bills in QuickBooks Online

Enter and Receive Bills
  • On your QuickBooks accounting tools click on Suppliers tab for the Enter Bills choice
  • Now Choose the Bill Date and Terms and maturity
  • Then goto From the menu options for the account choice.
  • Here you may attain the complete description of the bill.
  • Now you need to enter the actual quantity still because of the related charge per unit.
  • Then click on the Save choice followed by clicking on shut

Here are some choices that you will use so as to create QuickBooks online payments

  • First, need to visit the suppliers and vendors page of your accounting tool
  • Then Click on Suppliers and choose Pay Bills
  • Here you may get two choices via that you may be able to filter the QuickBooks bills.
  • Now click on the actual provider bill that you just need paying to.
  • The computer code can show the knowledge associated with the provider besides the invoice variety.
  • Now you need to Insert the quantity to be paid.
  • Then choose options for the checking account through that you may create the payment.
  • After that click on Pay chose Bill choices, Save the changes, and shut the window.

QuickBooks Bill Payment Makes Easy

QuickBooks Payment  Method

If you have got QuickBooks online, then you may ever worry concerning filling these areas

  • Pay- The name of the provider
  • Account- The accounting tool can come upon a primary account by default for you. Just in case you have got multiple accounts, you may have the choice to pick a selected account from the menu before creating the payment.
  • Reference Number- QuickBooks can assign subsequent check variety.
  • Full Amount- The tool considers that you just can forever create a full payment. Just in case you would like to create a partial payment, merely amendment the quantity.
  • Outstanding Transactions- The accounting tool can list down all the unfinished bills, you’ll check or uncheck that you just want to pay.

Reminders for Due or Unpaid QuickBooks Bills

Reminders for Due or Unpaid QuickBooks Bills

It is troublesome to recollect the maturity of various bills. So you will set reminders in order that the payment is less complicated and on time. you wish to follow these steps

  • First and foremost click on the Edit Menu
  • Look for the Preferences choice below the Edi Menu.
  • A new window can open whereby you wish to appear for the  Preferences choice and click on Reminders.
  • There will be a tab known as ‘My Preferences’ whereby you wish to envision the ‘show/display reminders once gap an organization file’ box.
  • Then you need from the corporate preferences Menu set the Bills that you just need paying. choose the number of days before that you’d wish to get a reminder.
  • Click OK. you may get a dialogue box reminding you of the delinquent and unpaid box as presently because the came upon complete.
  • Lastly, you wish to click on Reminders and Alerts to examine this reminder on the house page.


We hope you currently have the skills to pay bills in QuickBooks. In this blog, our elementary aim was to get rid of all the queries that you just could have relating to bills payments and the setting of reminders. If you receive any Quickbooks Online payment or bill related error you can contact us any time +1-844-442-0333.

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