Import Customer list to Outlook in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the best accounting software for small businessmen. QuickBooks Features make better accounting software comparing other accounting software. It manages your all business accounts, payments, taxes and many more. If you try to import the customer list to Outlook in QuickBooks and you don’t know how to import the customer list. So this helps you to import your data list to Outlook in QuickBooks. There was another way which import your data just dial our QuickBooks Support phone number and ask the solution to your problem. Our expert team helps you to import your data without wasting your time.

Import Customer list to Outlook

Below I tell you the steps which you can apply in your QuickBooks software to import your data. So you can just follow my steps.

Step 1: Export and change customer information

You have to export your customer information to Excel and then convert it to CSV format.

  • Export customer data from QuickBooks to Excel.
  • Open the Excel file after exporting the customer information.
  • On the Excel workbook, select the file, then choose Save As.
  • Save as: Select the drop-down, then choose CSV (comma delimited).
  • Rename the file so that you can separate it from the original Excel file.
  • Click on the Save Button.
  • This will open a dialog box and choose Ok/Yes.

Step 2: Name the data range

Once you save the customer information, you can name the date range:

  • Open the saved customer list report in Excel.
  • Highlight the entire block of reports from the column headings through the shipping address to your top customer.
  • Choose the formula from above, then define the name. The name of this category is QBData.
  • Choose OK, then the Save icon.
  • Close the file.

Step 3: Import Customer list to Outlook

After you name the data range, you can import the data.

  • In Microsoft Outlook, select the file, then open and export.
  • Choose Import / Export to open the Import / Export Wizard.
  • Choose the Import from another program or file, then Next.
  • Select the Comma Separated Values and then click on the Next button. Note: In this scenario, the comma-separated values ​​(CSV file) is an Excel file you created.
  • Browse to open the CSV file that includes your customer contact list report.
  • Select the folder which you want to target. Ideally, that is a newly created contact information folder, then choose Next.
  • Select the file to import and choose the Map custom field.

Map Custom Field:

  • Drag to the customer or full name.
  • Drag the billing address to the billing address, home address, or other address.
  • The shipping address to one of the other address fields.
  • Drag the phone number to the business phone.
  • Scroll right to the window until you see + E-mail address.
  • Select the plus icon (+).
  • Drag the email to the email address.
  • Choose ok then finish


You can find in this blog, some easy step which you can apply in QuickBooks to import customer list to outlook in QuickBooks. I hope my all information is useful for all QuickBooks users specially new QuickBooks users if you need more detail about QuickBooks simpley contact our QuickBooks Technical Support toll-free number.

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