QuickBooks Error 404 | How to Fix.

QuickBooks Error 404 is a very common issue you may face when using your QB accounting software. Basically, the error means something is wrong, incomplete program or corrupted files. The error 404 happens automatically when you work on Quickbooks software. You can fix this type of error by yourself with the help of this article. If you are in a hurry or don’t want to waste your time to do the troubleshooting on your own, you can call a professional at our toll-free QuickBooks support number to do the job on your behalf. Now let’s see the reasons behind this unwanted QuickBooks error 404:

How can you analyze that QuickBooks Error 404 occurs-

  • When the user tries to search a web page on the server but this page does not exist on the server
  • The current server page is change but URL still same
  • The working of the window is the very slow and slow response of peripheral devices
  • If you work on a program and suddenly window crash in your system
  • Some files or QuickBooks are damaged

There are many reasons behind the rise of this error. Here we mentioned a few main reasons for the error

  • Due to some virus or malware attacks
  • Sometimes when you install QuickBooks software then it damaged itself
  • If some files are corrupted then also QuickBooks error 404 is arise
  • Sometimes, direct an error show on your screen is ‘QuickBooks Error 404’ when you use QuickBooks

Now the solutions to how to fix QuickBooks error 404-

There are many ways to remove this error and it can do yourself with the help of this blog. You can use these solutions listed below-

1 – Check the speed of your internet

  • Firstly Open an internet explorer or web browser and then search for a web page.
  • Check if your web takes more time to open a web page then please refresh it and check again.
  • If still, you are facing slow internet then turn off your router and turn on it again.
  • If speed is still the same then switch off your system and again switch on after a minute
  • After all these steps still, you face the same problem then contact your internet service provider

2 – You can change in your internet setting to increase the speed

  • Open Internet Explorer in your computer after that select Tool option
  • In the Tool option, you have to select the Internet option
  • Now you have to search for a web page which is authorized page at the server like ‘intuit.com’
  • Click on Ok and then close all the tabs or files on your computer.
  • Now restart your system and check your internet speed again.

3 -You can update and modify the latest version of QuickBooks

  •  It is a simple step for update QuickBooks, just go to QuickBooks and select Help menu
  • In Help menu, You will see an option that is Update QuickBooks Desktop then click on this
  • After complete updation, you have close your system and restart your system
  • You have to see QuickBooks has updated then try to access in your company file
  • If you have to face the same error then try these steps-
    • Press Window + R buttons with the help of your keyboard
    • After this, write Appwiz.cpl in the box
    • Find and choose your QuickBooks files from all installed programs in your system.
    • After this refresh or restart your system and check the error has been resolved or not,
    • if not then try other ways to resolve this error.

4 – Reconfigure the Setting of your computer

  • Close all the tabs or software like QuickBooks in your system
  • Update your system window then restart your system
  • Open Internet Explorer in your computer after that select Tool option
  • In the Tool option, you have to select the Internet option
  • Then select the Advanced tab in the Setting menu
  • Then save all information and after this close all programs which run on your system
  • After this press Window + R buttons from your keyboard
  • After opening a page you have to write msconfig then press OK
  • When you press Ok then a Configuration page is shown on your computer screen then again press OK
  • You have to select General on the next page then select Startup Selection then Selective Startup then press OK
  • After all these steps you need to restart your system


As you know QuickBooks Error 404 is a common error and it arises itself when you open a company file.

When you use QuickBooks then these types of errors occur which are take your costly time and delay your work. 

But now, you can resolve these errors with the help of this blog. You can select any method to resolve your error. If you have to face the same error still then contact our QuickBooks Support team, they will definitely give the best and easy solution.

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