QuickBooks Error 6000 | How To Solve?

QuickBooks error 6000 | How to solve

When you are working within different platforms the software installation process might get corrupted or having an issue in installing it. So this process produced interruptions in the form of errors. Many software makes you aware by giving the error code or by its name. QuickBooks is one of the software which makes you aware of the error by giving error code. It is difficult to provide names to every issue that’s why code is the best option for naming it. All codes signify the properties of the error and exactly why the code is not working properly. This error of QuickBooks occurred when there is some issue during the installation and accessing the company file on the system. this blog will help you find the solutions of the QuickBooks error 6000.

QuickBooks Errors – 

Different software gives different errors at different points of the installation. QuickBooks also gives the error 6000 during the installation process of the software. When attempting any task as other Software stops due to an error, similarly QuickBooks stops performing the task due to an error that occurred. You always have to work properly and update the error as soon as possible to continue your work. 

Don’t get panic if you are facing errors in performing task effortlessly, we are here to get you out from that issue by giving you exact idea regarding how to solve the QuickBooks Error 6000. If you are facing errors while using QB, then immediately contact our QuickBooks Error Support team.

What is QuickBooks Error 6000?

This error is common when you are trying to access the company files. Different types of errors occur during the process and all errors are in the series of 6000. Code names of the errors are as follows: 6000 83, 6000 80, 6000 77, 6000 301, 6000 832.

What are the main causes of QuickBooks Error 6000?

  1. .TLG file is corrupted. 
  2. A firewall is blocking connections
  3. Network connection errors.
  4. The QuickBooks installation file is corrupted.
  5. Damages company file.
  6. Multiple users logged within the same company file.
  7. Trying to restore the backup files.
  8. The company file folder damaged.
  9. Permission issue.

Other causes: 

Every software shares a hint for upcoming errors and its detect. These symptoms are very much ease and clean. 

  1. Windows installation error code 6000 displayed on the screen.
  2. The same error occurs during the other software that is currently working.
  3. Windows slows with its whole process.
  4. Error 6000 destroys the dynamic programming window.

Solutions for the QuickBooks Error 6000

Different solutions are there for QuickBooks Error 6000. It can be resolved with different possibilities and factors.

Solutions 1 – Keeping the backup option. 

Restoring the backup files helps you in performing the attributes of the files better and works as new as possible.  It is the best option for the possibilities among the different possible ways. There are some steps such as:

  • Open company files.
  • Then click on the file.
  • Select utilities.
  • After the last step when you see the multiple user access on the list you must click on that.
  • At last, edit your company names and interact with only all those things which are having the company’s confidential pieces of information. 

Solution 2 – Reconfigure your firewall and antiviruses software.

  • Open your QuickBooks database manager
  • There in the port monitor tab find the QuickBooks version you are using.
  • Note the firewall port number also for further use.
  • Open the advanced setting of the firewall.
  • Then right-click on the inbound option and develop the new rules for the firewall settings.
  • Click on port and then click next. 

Solution 3 –  By opening the company’s file in different locations.

You can directly copy all the files of company files to another location and then try to access the files you can also change the preferences of your local network. This solution will surely take you to the exact status of the QuickBooks error 6000.

Solution 4 – By changing the names or simply rename the.ND and.TLG files. 

  • Open the current location of company files or trying to fix it. 
  • Now on the same names try to find.ND and.TLG files extensions.
  • Then by right-click changes the extensions of the files.
  • After the last stem makes sure to find the.OLD extensions at the end of the files.
  • Then reopen the QuickBooks and it may recover and fix the issue you are currently working on. 

 Solution 5 –  Download the QuickBooks company file tools.

  • Download and run the diagnostic of the company file tool.
  • If the tools don’t repair the data.
  • Then you will have two options –
  • Restore all data by auto-backup options.
  • And restore the recently backup file.
  • Send your company file to different locations available.

Solution 6 – Restarting the system.

Restarting the system helps you with the different and new environment of working as it removes all previously current files. 

Solution 7 – Recreation on the damaged folder or file.

  • Create a new folder on your c:\ drive.
  • Open the folder where the company file is saved.
  • Locate the .qbw file.
  • Then right-click on it and copy the .qbw file.
  • Open the new folder and then paste the file over there.
  • Set the windows permissions to share the files.
  • Then open QuickBooks and tries to access the files from different locations.

Solution 8 – Use the Quick Fix my Program tool

  • Go to the official site of Intuit then download the QuickBooks Tools Hub file.
  • Now click the QuickBooks Tools Hub and choose Program Problems.
  • Then hit on the Quick Fix my Program.
  • Now run QuickBooks software and verify in case the error is fixed or not.

Solution 9- If you are using QuickBooks Desktop

  • Press the F2 key. You will see a Product details window opens.
  • Verify for the  Local Server details. Make sure Hosting is disabled.


QuickBooks error 6000 is an error which happens while trying to open company file. Many times we encounter different errors at different positions of working which irritates indirectly and affect our flow of work. By using above steps you can resolve this error in a few minutes. Contact our QuickBooks Support experts if you require any assistance.

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