QuickBooks Error 6129|10- How To Fix This Error Code

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QuickBooks Error happens when database connection verification defaults or QB was looking to access the business company documents. The error message will interface as ‘Database Connection Verification failure’. As a final declaration, you unable to open the business Company records. If you already own the server; however, the error comes up then it is most probably Server Problem where it can not locate the desktop system/ server that has the file. In this blog, we provide you the best solutions for QuickBooks Error 6129.

Error Information

Error name: QuickBooks Error 6129 

Error number: Error 6129 

Description: Error 6129: QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Software: QuickBooks

Developer: Intuit Inc.

Features of Code 6129 – QuickBooks Error 6129

Runtime errors occur without any warning. Anytime an error message appears on the screen when running QuickBooks. Of course, error messages or some other dialog box cannot be fixed again and again.

You can view examples of deleting files or the appearance of new files. While this symptom is most likely caused by a virus infection, it can be attributed to the symptoms of runtime error, because the virus is one of the runtime errors. The user may fall suddenly at the speed of an Internet connection, however, this is not always so.

When This Error Occur

QB Error 6129 can occur under different situations such as- 

  • During Quickbooks Installation
  • During the starting up of Microsoft Windows or during the shutdown.
  • While Windows installation.

Main Effects of QB Error 6129 

When the error comes, you may have to face the following consequences as listed below-

  • Quickbooks fails to access a company file locally or on the network. 
  • Inaccessibility of your accounting data can hamper the performance of your business.
  • You may have to meet the undesired hassle in resolving this Quickbooks error. 
  • Stress by dialing our Quickbooks Error Support Phone Number and get quick help from a tech-wizard.

Symptoms of Error 6129 in QuickBooks

Following symptoms can interface when QB Error 6129 Occurs;-

  • This Error appears and damages an active program window.
  • Your desktop frequently crashes with Error 6129, on running the same program.
  • Sluggish window functioning and mouse/ keyboard response are
  • The desktop system freezes periodically.

Main Causes of QB Error Code 6129

The following causes can lead to QuickBooks Error 6129:- 

  • Making another record and simultaneously the Anti-virus is running in the system.
  • Whenever you have crashed a network data document.
  • During updating company files from old Quickbooks without using admin login details needed for the windows login.
  • The domain server and client machine do not match
  • A malfunction in your system operation 
  • incorrect /failed installation
  • During uninstallation
  • Invalid information in the windows registry 
  • A virus/ malware attack
  • Improper system shutdown because of power failure

Solution to fix QuickBooks Error Code 6129 

Method 1- Use various file name 

If in case, the error occurs when you create Quickbooks company file – 

  • Firstly, you have to choose to leave in the easy step interview window.
  • Then, save the file
  • Type a various name for the file
  • Tap on the Save button
  • If this solution does not work, try solution 2 or 6.

Method 2 –  Create another folder and go to QuickBooks Company files. 

  • Firstly, Create another file folder
  • Choose Quickbooks Company Files to a new folder 
  • If you are using Quickbooks on 1 system, open the Quickbooks Company file via the new folder 
  • However, if you are using the same file on multiple desktop systems then carry out the next steps.
  • First, Tap Start
  • Select Programs 
  • Now tap Quickbooks and choose Quickbooks Database Server Manager 
  • Then, tap on scan folders
  • If you do not have a folder that has the company file, click add folder and add it.
  • Press Scan option 
  • When the scan is done, click”
  • Now open the Quickbooks Company file and see whether it is working or not. 

Method 3 – Turn off Antivirus while using Safe mode

  • Without changing the safe mode, restart the computer 
  • Turn off the Running anti-virus software 
  • Then make another company file 
  • Keep the system in a normal working mode
  • Restart the desktop system 
  • Open Quickbooks and open the company files.
  • Check whether Quickbooks Error 6129 is interfacing or not.. 

Method 4 – Rename QuickBooks Network Data Files 

  • Look for files in your different Quickbooks 
  • Rename the file to do first right click on the old name of the company file and select”
  • Enter ‘.OLD’at the end of the file name and press the enter button

You can open the business company file now if you use only one computer file on different desktop systems follow the below step- 

  • Tap windows start option 
  • Now press on the program and select Quickbooks 
  • Click the Quickbooks Database Server Manager & press on the ‘Scan Folders’ option.
  • If you don’t see any folder that has a company file, then click Ádd Folder’ to add it.
  • Press Scan, and when the scan is completed, then close it. 
  • Then open the business company file and see if Quickbooks is functioning or not. 

Method 5 – Create other explore QuickBooks Organization document section

  • Make other Record Organizer
  • Now put the QB organization document in the new envelope
  • Press start and go windows and choose programs
  • Tap on Quickbooks 
  • Select Quickbooks Database Server Manager 
  • Press ‘Scan Folders’
  • If you do not see any organizer that has an organization document, then press on add folder and put it in. 
  • Now click ‘Scan’ and select Çlose’when output is complete
  • Then open the company document file and see if you are getting Quickbooks Error 6129.

Method 6 – Put all desktop Systems on the same Domain

Get all the desktop systems on the same domain and check whether Quickbooks Error 6129 is happening or not. 

Method 7- Log in to windows as System Administrator

  • Firstly try to open your company file. Then log in as Windows Administrator in order to update the company file required.
  • If you can not log in as a System Administrator, then get support from an IT professional for help. 

Method 8- Restart your system in a Safe Mode

In case you are using your system in unsafe mode, then restart it in a safe mode. It will deny the third-party application that interrupts QuickBooks to run. You can even try to remove third-party Anti-virus and security action for some time.

Method 9- Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version

To resolve this error code 6129, you can take steps to update your QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version. Just open your QuickBooks desktop application and go to the Help Center and click on the Update QuickBooks Desktop option.

Method 10- Scan folders with QuickBooks Database Server Manager 

You can scan the folders by using the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. After the scanning process is completed, close it, and if you get the same error in the multi-user mode. We recommend you to connect with an IT professional to fix error 6129.

Final Note

We have discussed how to fix the QuickBooks 6129 error code problem with some options you have created to solve this problem. By reviewing the resources you have discussed to get your business back, make sure you help track your business back with QuickBooks.

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