How To Resolve QuickBooks Error C343- Occurs When File Get Damaged

How To Fix QuickBooks Error C343 In Simple Steps

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When the customer uses QuickBooks in our business and personal use and occurs a C343 error then the customer faces some problems. If you are trying to open your QuickBook and that does not open if once open and then occurs the QuickBooks error C343 in this error the customer can not open our account related and company-related file. So in this condition, we first need to update QuickBooks to the latest version. However, we know how to remove QuickBooks error C343. So in this blog, we talk about the QuickBooks Error C33, how it generates, and how we can remove this QuickBooks Error C343. 

Causes Of The QuickBooks Error C343

  • When any file is missing, damaged, or unregistered.
  • If your software Microsoft core XML services .dll file is unregistered, missing, or damaged then error C343 occurs.
  • If your accounting software does not update to the latest version of the accounting software.

How To Fix QuickBooks Error C343

QuickBooks Error C = 343 Unexpected error

If your QuickBooks is not updated then a chance to occur QuickBooks error C343. We need to update QuickBooks from the latest version of the Quickbooks because when we update the QuickBooks the most problems are automatically resolved. However, the customer first needs to set the setting automatically to update from the server whether your QuickBooks is running or not. So you need to enable your QuickBooks options.

Method 1: Enable & Disable the Automatic Update options

  1. Goto the help menu and click on the QuickBooks Update.
  2. After clicking the QuickBooks Update You need to Yes to enable and No to disable automatic update.
  3. You need to automatically update and select yes and you receive the update notification.
  4. And if you select the no then the update is disabled and you can’t receive the update notification. But you can receive a reminder to check for updates.
  5. Then you can click save and close the menu.

If you can cure the error in the automatic update then you can try the immediate update method and if you are not unable to download QuickBooks update then you can contact QuickBooks Customer Support.

Enable automatic update

Method 2: Your First need is to Register the all MSXML.dll file in your Operating System

register MSXML.dll file
  1. In this method first, the need of the customer to access the Run window from your keyboard
  2. After accessing the run window you need to write the Regsvr32MSXML.dll and press enter.
  3. After all, file registering in the right manner then displays a successful message.
  4. Then you need to restart your operating system.

Method 3: Firstly Uninstall & then Install MSCML.dll file

Install MSCML.dll file
  1. In this step, you need to reboot your QuickBooks.
  2. Then you need to find the MSXML file on the download page.
  3. After finding the MSXML file then you need to download all files on your operating systems. 
  4. Once the file is download then you need to install them and follow the detailed instructions.
  5. After That, you need to restart your QuickBooks and check the error still displayed. 

Method 4: Download and Install the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic tools are developed by the intuit that fine the troubleshooting errors when the user uses the QuickBooks multi-user mode. This tool removes all problems such as network connectivity and the multiuser errors and accesses all accountants and business files. But this tool is working only on Windows 7, Vista, and XP. So in this condition, you need to update your QuickBooks or QuickBooks Enterprise. then you can download and run QuickBooks install diagnostic tool from the official website. 

If you install this toll then it will automatically resolve your Quickbooks errors. It’s through you can solve the QuickBooks connection issue, it helps you if you are not able to connect QuickBooks to the database, and if you are unaware of the firewall port or the database issue.  

  1. In this step search the QuickBooks diagnostic tool and download it on your operating systems.
  2. After the download, you need to install them and run the tool and make sure that you close all programs that are open.
  3. After that, this tool takes some time to complete the process.
  4. If this process completes then you need to restart your operating systems.

Method 5: Run Your QuickBooks In Safe Mode For Some Time

Run Your QuickBooks In Safe Mode
  1. In this process, you need to click on the QuickBook icon then simultaneously hold or press the Ctrl key
  2. After that will open your software in safe mode without the company files
  3. Now you need to click on the file and choose the open company options
  4. Now you can open the browser and select the file you want to open
  5. In this condition, the new company file can’t be open in this case you need to recreate and verify the following step-
  • You need to click on the file operations that are available on the file menu.
  • Now you select the verify and recreate options.

if the user is using the QuickBooks pro in multi-user mode you need to install the update on each operating system. Because without updating each operating system can’t connect. So you need to connect the internet from each operating system and install the QuickBooks or update the QuickBooks latest version if you already install the QuickBooks.

Method 6: Use QuickBooks Clean Install Tool 

Now you have to do a clean installation using QuickBooks clean install tool. Make sure that you have created a back-up of the copy of your data file. Keep backup in a secure folder for your future use. Now perform a QuickBooks Clean install to resolve the  QuickBooks Error C343.


In some cases, all the aforementioned solutions will fail. If you are one of those users then please do not waste any more time and contact QuickBooks ProAdvisor. As soon as you reach us we will ensure that the QuickBooks error C343 is settled. Besides, we will provide you with a complete guide that will help you fix the problem on your own if it comes up again.

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