How To Sign Up And Add Quickbooks Online Multiple Companies

Quickbooks Online Multiple Companies

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Users can run multiple companies from the QuickBooks Online version of the software. Whether you are using QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks desktop version, you are able to host multiple companies. However, the steps to add entities in these versions of the program are not the same. So here in this blog, we will tell you all related queries for QuickBooks online multiple companies.

How to Sign up for Quickbooks online multiple companies

We are here to share some details about adding multiple company files with a QuickBooks Online subscription. Basically QuickBooks Online allows one Company per subscription only. If you have to add another  Company, you must have to sign up for a new QuickBooks Online account. It says for each Company you have to create its own subscription. However, in the case of users have an existing account, they can use that sign in details for signing up and switching between Companies.

Here’s how you can do: 

  1. Browse the link
  2. Select your version of QuickBooks.
  3. Go to the signup page, click to Sign in.
  4. Fill out your login details and follow the on-screen instruction in order to set up the additional company.
  5. Now to sign in to the account go to You will get the option to choose your companies. 
  6. When you signed in to your account, Go to the Gear icon at the top of the corner and classic to Switch Company. 

How to add multiple companies to QuickBooks Online account

We will see how we can add or create multiple companies with the existing QuickBooks Online account. With this process, you can have additional companies in the QuickBooks Online account. For each company you add, you will have to get a new subscription, however, as we said you can access all with the same sign details. Here you can easily switch between the companies and can manage all these more effectively.

To add a new company

  1. Browse to the QuickBooks pricing page:  and click on the subscription you need. 
  2. Here you will get one of two sign-in pages:
    • In case you have currently signed in to QuickBooks, you will get a screen that is saying to verify and confirm the account you have to sign in under. If this is the account you have to manage your new company with, click on“Yes, that’s correct.”
    • In case you have not signed in currently,  you will get a screen that is saying to add an Intuit account to purchase QuickBooks. Scroll the screen down the bottom and see for the link that says “Adding a company to an existing account?” click Sign in next to this text. If required, type your existing ID and password you are using for QuickBooks.
  3. Enter the all required details about your new company and you’re done with it. 

How to open a new company

Now you have multiple companies in your QuickBooks Online. So whenever you log in to your QuickBooks Online, it will ask which company you have to open. 

To open a company file at any time: 

  • Click to  the Settings icon
  • Then choose to Switch company.

How to switch companies

So now you are having more than one company in your QuickBooks Online. Here how you can switch between those companies easily:

  1. Go o the Settings option.
  2. From the Profile section, click on the Switch Company option.
  3. Go to the list of companies, click on the company you have to switch to. The selected company will be active now.

Conclusion !!!

You should be clear that you will need to get an individual subscription for each of the QuickBooks Online companies that you have to add. Even though the software is the same, the fee of subscription for each company you will create will remain different. Do contact without ProAdvisers, if you want to get discounts on QuickBooks Online subscription for Multiple Companies setups. 

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