The Complete Guidance of QuickBooks Payroll Summary Report

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Do you know what is QuickBooks Payroll Summary Report and how to run it? If your answer is yes and you are a beginner in QuickBooks then, stay connected with us till the end.

QuickBooks Payroll Summary Report helps in managing employee company data. It helps in analyzing the financial data which is based basically on the payment paid to the employees. It also helps in checking all the pays in a month half, or total year that is 12 months to the federal government for tax on pays.

Here the dates are drawn by Paycheck only, they are not drawn up by Pay Period dates. It also covers business payroll like employee earning, a list which contains current employee details and all the summary reports of the pay period, and even payroll details as a deduction, gross pay, sick, vacation time, time off balance, and net pay for another given pay date. It contains all the information about the pay in a systematic order.

The report release can be for a single period or can be for a period of Chronology. The ADP payroll summary report is a fast and easy way for seeking a total payroll bu employee by choosing the amount of time. The standard report which is built used to create a register of all the information of the payroll for the employees on the payroll support page and with the help of this user can also create and print the custom reports for a single employee.

Points To Remember About QuickBooks Payroll Summary Report

There are some important points which you need to know about the payroll summary report. They are:

  • Employer Taxes and Contributions:- The report shows the amount received and the period of time is covered by the report and it does not affect if you or your company has paid for them or not.
  • Net Pay:- After the taxes, the amount which is paid to the employees and all the modification is done after-tax charges or any add ons.
  • Adjusted Gross Pay:- Adjusted Gross Pay is the gross pay that ignores the pre-tax deductions such as employee contribution to the 401(k) plan.
  • Gross Pay:- Gross Pay contains the commission and additions such as bonuses or tips.

Types Of QuickBooks Payroll Summary Report

Here we have discussed the number of summary report which can be made:

  • Detail Review of Payroll:- Payroll Detail Review Report helps to show users what values to calculate each payroll item on the employees’ paychecks.
  • Payroll Item Details:– Payroll Items Details provide us an overview of all recent payroll transactions made under particular payroll items.
  • Payroll Summary:- The Payroll Summary Report Shows the user the accumulated totals of all the payroll items on each employee’s paychecks.
  • Paid time off the list
  • Transaction Details Of Payroll:- The Transaction details of Payroll used to give the user a step by step breakdown of payroll transactions by employees.
  • Payee Transactions of Payroll:- The Payee Transaction of Payroll gives us information about the net pay of each employee and what checks were cut for payroll taxes and other payroll-related expenses.
  • Withholding Employees
  • Liabilities Balances of Payroll:- The Liabilities Balance of Payroll report shows users the payroll taxes that the company owes and users can easily create a QuickBooks Payroll Liabilities report.
  • Contact List of the employees
  • Item Listing Of Payroll:- The item listing of the Payroll report provides offers for the users for the latest details for all the payroll items for their companies.
  • Employee Earning Summary:- The report for an employee earning summary used to show the user their total earning and deduction for each employee.
  • Employee State Taxes Details:- Here the users are given the offer for the details connected to the wage and withholding for state payroll taxes. Even the users can easily able to run the QuickBooks Payroll Tax report.
  • Adjustments history of employee pay
  • Jobs, Time, and Mileage Report:- This report provides all the user’s details with respect to their job along with the amount, time, and mileage spent on each job. Even you need to learn the process of QuickBooks Payroll by job report in the easy steps.

Procedure to Run QuickBooks Payroll Summary Report

Here we have given the procedures to run the payroll summary report, read all the procedures carefully to run the report:

Create the Payroll Summary Report

Here we have mentioned some of the steps for creating the payroll summary report. They are:-

  • Go to the report and select Employee and Payroll.
  • Then go to Payroll Summary.
  • Now set the date range
    • Here you select the range date from the date which is present in the drop-down list.
    • Then in the form and to the field, enter the date range.
  • Now select the Refresh
  • Then remove the Hours and or rate column
    • Here select the Customize report
    • Then from the display tab, clear the hour and or rate checkbox
    • At last click ok
  • Now enter the Pay Period under the Filters tab
  • And finally, select the print
  • Then report to print the Payroll Summary report.

Steps to run QuickBooks Payroll a report for a Specific Employee

Here we have including some steps for running the report for a specific employee.

  • First select Employee for opening the Employee Center.
  • Then from the left side choose the employee which you want to run a report.
  • Now you need to select the report which you want to run. They are:
    • Quick Report
    • Payroll Summary
    • Paid Time off
    • Payroll Transaction Detail
  • Then you have to enter the dates which you want
  • And if there is a change in the printer then you can change the settings.
  • Then click Print.

To Edit the QuickBooks Payroll Summary Report

If you need to edit the payroll summary then you can follow these below steps:

  • First, go to the menu toolbar
  • Then click on the Edit on the menu toolbar
  • Now amend the parameters as you want
  • And at last click on Run Report to view it again.

To Print Payroll Summary Report

Here are some steps by which you can print the summary report easily. They are:

  • First, print the current report by clicking on the Print option
  • Then check the print preview and print again to print out the print
  • Now click on Print and select the page setup and you can able to set all the page margin or page size as per your requirement.

Steps to Export the Summary Report To Excel

Here we have talk about some steps by which you can explore Payroll report to excel:

  • First, click on the Excel in the drop-down arrow in the report and select Create New Worksheet or by updating the existing worksheet.
  • Then click on the browse button for choosing the workbook and then select for Updating Existing Worksheet.
  • Now select the Advanced button and then clear the space between the columns checkbox.
  • Then click on ok and then finally select or choose an export option.

To Edit and View the Payroll Tax and Wage Summary Report

Many times you need to edit some information or want to view the payroll tax then you need to follow the below given steps:

  • First, click on the report and then search the report from the search box by which a drop-down list will get open.
  • Now start entering all the report name to find it on the list and choose Payroll Tax and Wage Summary.
  • Then choose a time period from the Date range from the drop-down menu and select a specific work location to see the list of taxes and wages paid at that location.
  • Finally, click on the Run report.

Final Words

Here we have discussed the QuickBooks Payroll Summary Report, how it is created, printed, edited, view, etc. If you have any kind of doubts regarding this article then you can get our QuickBooks support and can hire a QuickBooks ProAdvisor for an instant and reliable solution.

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