QuickBooks Point Of Sale (POS) review-Features and Costs

A POS(Point-of-scale) is a combination of software and hardware that allows small business owners to run transactions. Quickbooks Point of sale Software is mainly used to provide an on-premise to the web-based and mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution for businesses of all sizes. This software allows the user to upload the details of the sales information automatically through the user’s accounting software. This single software is very helpful for the user because it enables the users to build customer relationships, inventory and automate the whole banking process.


As we all know that everything has its own key feature just like Quickbooks Point Of Sale (POS) has also its key features like:-

  • barcode scanning:-

Barcode Scanning helps to reduce the errors and can make your business automated.

  • credit card processing

Credit cards, as well as debit card payments, are fully integrated with your inventory as well as your cash inventory. The company claims the highest security protection for credit and debit card payment.

  • lookup.

QuickBooks Point Of Sale (POS) software pricing is categorized into three parts:-

  1. Basic (Starts from $1200)
  2. Pro (Starts from $1700)
  3. Multi-store (Starts from $1900)
  • receipt notes

When anyone reverses a sales receipt the reversing receipt is created and called the return receipt.

  • Financial Exchanges

It is a process in which we can share information between two program

  • gift cards:-

These are the most popular gift. When a POS gift card sold, your customer is willing to find what their friends and family want.


  • Price Tag customization:-

In this, the customer is able to customize his price tag according to his willing.

  • Inventory forecasting:-

According to this, the customer is able to forecast his Inventory left in his stock, so that it can be fulfilled by the management of the company.

  • Inventory classification:-

From this Software, the user can easily classify his left inventory in his stock.

  • Customer orders:-

With the help of this software, customers can relevantly track his order detail like

Delivery date, time and so on.

  • Inventory matrix:-

This software is very useful for knowing the matrix of the left inventory like what amount of the inventory is left out in the stock so it can be refilled soon.

  • sales audit:-

In this process, the audit of the sales is done by the external auditor and is able to analyze the sales of the company in the market.

  • accounts payable & Receivable:-

Account payable is the process in which the amount is owed by the company to its supplier.

Account Receivable is the process in which the amount is owed by the customer to the Company.

  • payroll processing:-

The process in which the company is paid to their employee is known as payroll processing. 


The overall rating of this software is 3.96/5.

Some common reviews by the customers of this software.

  • According to Brian, from Extreme Velocity Inc.

He said that this tool is great for business but has some irritating features.

He also said that the tons of inventory are handled by this software. They use this software for the last 12 years and now they have more than 15000 unique items.

He tells that if you start working with this software then you can’t refuse to work without using this software if you can then you lose a major part of your data.

  • According to Ray, from Show Shi boutique.

He told us that Quickbooks POS is not good for Retail, but besides this anything it can be.

Ray also tells that this software has its regular update in a year by this we don’t need to update our system software and also it is a good company with a great name in the market. He tells that customer support for this company is great but we have to pay for that that is annoying.

  • According to Christopher, from Pace Products Inc.

He highly recommends this software to every business no matter what the business is small, medium, large.

He also tells that this software is easy to use, easy to understand, through this it is easy to use and train new users

  • According to Weldon, from Eric’s Outdoor Furniture

He told us that this software is value for money but it can go far better.

And also tells that the integration is very seamless with Quickbooks and also it is inexpensive with very good features.

Technical Information about Point Of Sale (POS) software:-

  • The software has its own ideal size as per the requirement of the customer.
  • This software is applicable to any operating system such as Windows, Mac, Linux.

Hardware And Software requirements 

  • Windows 7,8,8.1,10 version supported by Microsoft.
  • Windows Server 2008,2012,2016,2019.
  • We need a 2.45 GHz processor.
  • At least 4 GB RAM is required.
  • Minimum 2.5 GB hard disk is required.
  • Also, need fast internet access.
  • Registration of products is required.
  • A web browser(chrome, internet explorer ) required.

How Much Does QuickBooks Point Of Sale Cost?

QuickBooks introduces three types of plan to their users are as follows:

Free Trial

Basic Plan:-$1,200

Pro Plan:-$1,700

Multi-Store Plan:-$1,900

More About the plan which is given by the Quickbooks POS to the User:-


In this plan, the Software company provides some benefits for the user who chooses this plan.

  • Ring sales
  • Take payments
  • Track customer data
  • Basic Reporting
  • Integrate with Quickbooks DesktopFinancial Software


The company also provide some benefit to the user who uses this plan for their use. It also consists of all the services provided in the basic plan.

  • Ring Sales
  • Take Payment
  • Manage Inventory
  • Track customer Data
  • Basic Reporting
  • Integrate with Quickbooks DesktopFinancial Software
  • Manage Payrolls and employee
  • Offer Layaways and gift cards
  • Rewards & Loyalty Programs
  • Advanced Reporting


This is the top-most plan of Quickbooks Point Of Sale (POS) Software company in which they provide many services to their user and also the user get all the necessary benefits which a basic user get a Pro user get.

  • Ring Sales
  • Take Payment
  • Manage Inventory
  • Track customer Data
  • Basic Reporting
  • Integrate with Quickbooks DesktopFinancial Software
  • Manage Payrolls and employee
  • Offer Layaways and gift cards
  • Rewards & Loyalty Programs
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Track and Transfer inventory
  • Advanced sales and inventory reporting between stores
  • Manage Multiple Stores

Technical Support:-

Devices Supported:-
  • It is a Windows user-friendly software.
  • It also supported in LINUX
  • I-phone/i-pad
  • Mac
Pricing Model & Language Support:-
  • It only supports English
  • It depends on the Customer which offer they select.
Customers Type:-
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprises


  • Cloud  Hosted
  • On-Premise

Advantages of QuickBooks Point Of Sale (POS):-

The main advantage of this POS is:-

  • No Monthly Fees:-

This company does not demand any extra cost like Setup Charges etc. from the user when he chooses the plan according to his needs. 

Disadvantages of QuickBooks Point Of Sale (POS):-

  •  According to the three types of plans, this software is quite expensive for the user.
  • There is no Payment processing include.
  • It only integrates with its product like QuickBooks Desktop.


Quickbooks Point Of Sale (POS) is very helpful for a company for running very smoothly and very effectively. It is very useful for making the data in a systematic way which is useful for the user. After reading the above article I hope you know better about QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS).

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