QuickBooks Self-Employed (Price And Reviews For Freelancers)

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QuickBooks self-employed tool is a very classic tool which is made for small business accounting software and also provides an excellent user experience. It is designed for solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent contractors, etc. This tool merges with your financial accounts and imports transactions, tracks mileage, creates invoices, and estimates quarterly taxes. However, if you want to do more than pay your taxes, you may want to explore the other QuickBooks for business programs, such as QuickBooks Online accountant.

What is QuickBooks Self-Employed

It combines tax software with cloud-based accounting benefits. Firstly, QB self-employed is tax software. It helps freelancers to keep records of income and expenses, as well as evaluate and pay estimated quarterly taxes. However, it also contains a few bookkeeping capabilities that give many small freelancers the necessary information they need. 

QB self-employed is tax software with a few bookkeeping tools added to the mix. For the freelancer, QBSE provides a basic feature set, but for the proprietors wanting full accounting capabilities, QBSE might not cut it.

This software is built to help the sole business owners to stay organized, additionally, it packs a punch for the freelancer who is working alone. It is user-friendly and automated tools make keeping the books less of a chore while reducing the requirement for manual data entry. If you’re looking for an accounting program to stay organized and avoid the end of the year difficulty at tax time, then self-employed in QuickBooks could be the product you’ve been looking for.

What are the Advantages of QBSE

The advantages of QuickBooks self-employed are:

  • Self-running accounting software 
  • It is ideal for freelancers.
  • Account Synchronization
  • Tagging, invoicing, taxes, and mobile app
  • There is TurboTax integration.
  • It contains a well-designed user interface.
  • Expenses and income organization
  • It also provides good tax support.

What are the Disadvantages of QB Self-Employed

The disadvantages or limitation of QuickBooks self-employed are:

  • It does not contain scalability.
  • Reminder and notifications
  • There is no state tax support on invoices.
  • It contains limited invoice features.
  • Expenses and income categorization.
  • Limited capabilities
  • Invoicing is basic that is you cannot set up recurring invoices or you cannot personalize the look of your invoices.
  • Reports are basic that is you can not manage inventory, track projects, or time worked.

What are the Features of Self Employed in QuickBooks

It contains features such as a strong estimated quarterly tax calculator feature, expense tracking, invoicing, deductions, and the capability to separate personal expenses from business expenses.

Even it contains features such as a strong estimated quarterly tax calculator feature, expense tracking, invoicing, deductions, and the capability to separate personal expenses from business expenses.

Some of its exciting features are:

1. User-friendly dashboard

The newly designed dashboard and simple navigation make it easy to find what you require. The home page provides a summary of your business, but you can easily navigate to transactions, miles, taxes, and reports with a single click. 

2. Accessibility

Since QuickBooks SE is cloud-based, you can access it from any device as long as you have an internet connection. You can even share your account by granting authorizations to people, such as your tax accountant, to make tax time simpler.

3. Invoicing

Invoicing is done by the hour, by item, or by a flat rate. There is no inventory in QBSE, but the software will remember past invoice information and will allow you to select previous contacts and items from within the invoice. There are no invoice customizations, sales tax support, or estimates. However, you can add your logo to your invoices, send payment reminders, and accept payments online using QuickBooks Payments.

4. Track expenses automatically

QuickBooks self-employed helps you to automatically separate your personal and business expenses. After entering the information once, QuickBooks self-employed remembers the settings and automatically categorizes subsequent expenses for you. You can also connect a bank account to QuickBooks.

5. Client Portal

Freelancers can easily create, send, and track invoices all in one place. They can even receive payments in QuickBooks the client portal. In addition, you can customize your invoices, know when they are viewed, and keep records of when they are paid. You can even accept payments online, some of which incur a fee. 

6. Reports

Self-employed in QuickBooks provides 5 reports as a mileage log, profit and loss, tax summary, tax details, and receipts. The time frame can be customized for each report.

7. Chart of Accounts

Instead of including a complete chart of accounts, it includes income and expense categories to keep your business finances organized. It expense categories are made to match the IRS expense deduction categories for easier tax filing.

8. Easy Set-up

It only takes a few minutes to set up your account with self-employed in QuickBooks. You can easily set it up online or through the app. In spite, the app provides extensive features, such as tracking miles and capturing receipts.

Steps to Login in to QBSE by System and by App

There are two methods for logging in to the self-employed in QuickBooks. They are:

Steps to Login into QBSE by System

Here are the steps for login into the QBSE as:

  • First, you have to be sure that you are having Intuit credentials. 
  • If you are not having any account in Intuit then click on the create an account.
    • Then you have to go to the QuickBooks self-employed login page.
    • Now you have to fill in your user ID in the user ID field, and passwords in the password field, and all the information asked in the form.
    • Then you have to click on the remember me a box (so that in the future when you want to open it then you don’t need to remember its password and user Id it will going to be opened automatically).
    • At last, you have to click on the sign-in option to get into the QuickBooks self-employed page.
  • If you are having an account in Intuit then
    • You have to fill in your user ID in the user ID field, and passwords in the password field.
    • Then you have to click on the remember me a box (so that in the future when you want to open it then you don’t need to remember its password and user Id it will going to be opened automatically).
    • At last, you have to click on the sign-in option to get into the self-employed in QuickBooks page.

Steps to Login into QBSE By App

Suppose you are somewhere at that place where your system or the laptop is not available and you have some urgent work on the QB self-employee at that time you can log in with the help of the QBSE app and can easily access your work. For login with the help of an app you have to follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, you have to open an app store like play store, etc, and there you need to search for the “QuickBooks self employed” app in the search bar.
  • After that, when you will be getting the app you need to download or install iron your mobile phone as per the given instructions.
  • When the app will get installed into your mobile phone you have to click on the app for opening it.
  • Now you need to enter the user ID in the user ID field and password in the password field but yes you have to keep one thing in mind that the ID and password you are entering should be the same as the Intuit ID and password.
  • At last, you have to click on the sign-in option and then you will get a sign in into your account and now you can perform your task.

What is the Log in Issues of QuickBooks SE

There are some issues that can be faced by the users due to system configuration, web browser, etc. So these issues need to be fixed by the solutions which are given below.

Solutions to Resolve Login Issues in QBSE

Here are some solutions by which if users are facing any issue then they can solve it easily. They are discussed below:

1st Solution:- There can be an internet issue, so you have to check your internet connection and then try to reboot your system.

2nd Solution:- Review all the privacy settings of your browser and also put Intuit as a trusted site.

3rd Solution:- Maybe your browser is creating the issue, so you can change your default browser to login into the QBSE account.

4th Solution:- If the problem is not solved by the above solutions then you may not have installed the self-employed in QuickBooks properly. So, you can reinstall and again install it properly.

User Reviews for SE in QuickBooks 

Employes use to provide two types of reviews which are positive reviews and negative reviews. They are discussed below:

Positive Reviews Of QBSE 

In Spite of having many complaints on the consumer affair, QuickBooks self-employed has an A+ rating on BBB. Here is a list of positive reviews given by the users:

Easy To Understand

One of the most popular appreciation is how easy the self-employed software is to understand and use.

Saves Time and Money

Multiple users comment on the amount of time and money they save with it, especially on their taxes. They appreciate that the quarterly tax calculator takes the stress out of taxes, and they also like the mobility that QBSE allows them.

Best Mobile Apps

Despite some mobile app complaints, there is an overwhelmingly great amount of positive reviews for the QBSE mobile apps

Integration of TurboTax

Its integration with TurboTax is another amazing time-saver for sole business owners.

Feature Selection

Many proprietors appreciate the QBSE software’s freelancer-specific features, such as the ability to separate business and personal expenses. Users also like the number of deductions they can find and record with the help of QB self-employed.

Negative Reviews Of QBSE 

Although Intuit receives 1/5 stars on consumer affairs (based on 100+ reviews) for all of its QB products. However, the majority of these reviews are not particular to QBSE. It reviews are mostly positive, especially when it comes to mobile apps. But that does not mean self employed in QuickBooks is without its faults. While many users enjoy the QBSE software, there are some recurring complaints such as:

Inaccurate Mileage Calculations

Most of the users report that the mileage calculations on the mobile apps are often incorrect.

Transaction imports are inconsistent

Many people had issues with transactions not importing properly, especially from Etsy and PayPal. Random duplicate transactions are also quite a common problem. Likewise, several QBSE users reported problems connecting to their bank account as well.

Poor Customer Service

Although there are some users who complain about poor customer service experiences.

What is the Pricing, Features, and Pros and Cons of the QuickBooks SE

It comes with three types of plans:

  • QuickBooks Self-Employed
  • Self Employed Tax Bundle
  • Self-Employed Live Tax Bundle

These plans hugely different in terms of their tax capabilities, in addition to their costs.

1. Pricing and Features of QB Self Employed

The basic version of self employed software, simply known as QuickBooks self employed. This plan’s monthly cost is $7.50.

  • Send due notifications and monitor open invoices
  • Send and track simple direct invoices
  • Automatically import transactions from your bank account, PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, etc to other business and personal expenses
  • Enable online payments to get payments from your business invoices
  • Sort transactions automatically into tax categories
  • Take snapshots of receipts and link them to expenses
  • With your phone GPS track mile
  • Calculate quarterly taxes automatically, receive automatic reminders of tax due dates
  • Organize income and expenses for instant tax filing
  • Maximize Schedule C deductions by sorting transactions, tracking miles, and storing receipts.

2. Pricing and Features of QuickBooks Self Employed Tax Bundle

It has all of the same features as QBSE, with few additions. In this version, you will receive the additional tax capabilities to even further your financial processes, as well as potentially show you substantial savings in business tax returns. The monthly cost of the QB SE Tax Bundle is $12.

Highlights of QBSE Tax Bundle
  • Attach business receipts and expenses
  • One state and one federal tax return file included
  • Record business mileage
  • Seamless transfer to Turbo-tax with built-in integration
  • Pay quarterly taxes online
  • Accurately categorize Schedule C transactions
  • Calculate quarterly tax payments
  • E-file returns with direct deposit to receive tax refund faster

3. Pricing and Features of QBSE Live Tax Bundle

It provides the most comprehensive tax tool to help freelancers, contractors, and sole proprietors to manage their business expenses and finances.

It is the most expensive version of QuickBooks self employed software. The monthly cost of the SE Live Tax Bundle is $17.

  • Live, personalized-advice from Turbo Tax certified public accountants (CPAs) and Enrolled Agents (EAs)
  • A CPA or EA review your tax return, line by line, and sign it to ensure it’s completed correctly
  • Unlimited year-round access to tax experts with 15 years of experience.

Difference between the different plan Subscription of QuickBooks Self Employed

Features AvailableSelf-Employed Self-Employed Tax BundleSelf-Employed Live Tax Bundle
Send and Track Simple InvoicesPlan Subscription AvailablePlan Subscription AvailablePlan Subscription Available
Separate business and personal expensesPlan Subscription AvailablePlan Subscription AvailablePlan Subscription Available
Schedule C deduction is maximizedPlan Subscription AvailablePlan Subscription AvailablePlan Subscription Available
Automatically taxes are calculated QuarterlyPlan Subscription AvailablePlan Subscription AvailablePlan Subscription Available
Mileage tracking is done automaticallyPlan Subscription AvailablePlan Subscription AvailablePlan Subscription Available
Directly pay quarterly taxes online from QuickBooksPlan Subscription Not AvailablePlan Subscription AvailablePlan Subscription Available
Transfer information to TurboTaxPlan Subscription Not AvailablePlan Subscription AvailablePlan Subscription Available
In this bundle, 1 state and 1 federal returning filing includedPlan Subscription Not AvailablePlan Subscription AvailablePlan Subscription Available
When you require you can talk to real CPAsPlan Subscription Not AvailablePlan Subscription Not AvailablePlan Subscription Available
Help and advice are available unlimited for all year.Plan Subscription Not AvailablePlan Subscription Not AvailablePlan Subscription Available
You should have a CPA for a final review of your returnPlan Subscription Not AvailablePlan Subscription Not AvailablePlan Subscription Available

Pros and Cons of SE in QuickBooks

There are some pros and cons of the self-employed in QuickBooks. They are discussed below:

Pros of QBSE
  • Pricing- The cost of the self-employed is pretty affordable. The cost of the basic version of it is $ 10 per month. In this, you will receive significant accounting tools to manage your expenses and taxes, with a solution that is easy to set up and use. If you want to test out this software, you also have the option to use this software for free for 30 days. Intuit provides 30 days trial for users of this software. However, it is a great option if you are testing various platforms to see which will work best for your business.
  • Mileage Tracking- It comes with a mileage following tool. It is a great useful automation tool for independent business owners and freelancers. This tool is not given all in accounting software. With its mobile software, you will be able to automatically keep track of how many KM you work for your business, which will not only speed up your payoff but will also help you business line your related tax processes to guarantee you maximize your tax deductions.
  • Usability- It is not only affordable and offers good mileage and tax ways, but it is also user-friendly and designed for a different type of business owner. The platform offers the functionality to freelancers, business owners, and other self-employed that fulfill their needs, at a cost they can afford.  This is an easy software in which first of all you will sign up for an account, set up your information and connect your business bank accounts, and then use the software. You can operate your account anytime, anywhere from a computer or from your mobile phone.
  • It is a user friendly.
  • Multiple invoicing customers and client options are available.
  • It contains the ability to print multiple reports for your bookkeeper, accountant, and even for your records.
Cons of Self Employed in QuickBooks
  • Limited Capabilities- As we discussed above in the article, it is designed specifically for freelancers, contractors, and other self-employed business owners, the working capacity of this software is limited compared to other accounting solutions on the markets. If you want to be able to perform additional bookkeeping or accounting tasks with this kind of software, you will need to consider a platform with greater capabilities.
  • Difficult to Update- In the last, the less migration functionality makes it Review less than ideal software for scalability.
  • It is very difficult to accommodate invoices outside your name, address, logo, etc.
  • The time tracking option is not available, so you require to use an additional tool for it.

Final Words

Considering QuickBooks self-employed suitable for freelancers and independent contractors in need of federal tax support. This software provides tax and tax deduction tools and is easy to use. QB self-employed is amazingly helpful for calculating estimated quarterly taxes. However, if you still need any assistance, feel free to contact QuickBooks ProAdvisor at any time.


Question 1)- Is QuickBooks Self Employed free

Answer 1)-  No, Quickbooks Self Employed is notably a paid monthly service. 

Question 2)- What is the difference between QuickBooks and QuickBooks Self Employed 

Answer 2)- QBSE built for independent contractors while QuickBooks Online accountant (QBO) is best for small size businesses. They both have a number of the same core features. For example, if you file a Schedule C along with your personal taxes then self employed is the better solution. If you file as a business entity, usually form 1120, then QB Online is a better solution.

Question 3)- How does the QuickBooks Self Employ costs

Answer 3)- The basic QuickBooks Self Employed service costs $15 a month.

Question 4)- How does QB self-employed work

Answer 4)- It automatically imports transactions and monitors mileage, exports your Schedule C, and helps you to maximize deductions at tax time.

Question 5)- What is a Schedule C

Answer 5)- Schedule C is an IRS form that accompanies Form 1040 to calculate business net income (or loss). Self-employed users need to complete this form.

Question 6)- Can I add my bookkeeper, accountant, or tax pro

Answer 6)- Yes, you can also invite an accountant to collaborate with you for free. Once they accept your invitation, they can work on your account. You can also delete their access anytime.

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