How to Undo/Delete Reconciliation in QuickBooks Online?

Quickbooks is accounting software designed for small businesses to manage sales and expenses and keep a history of daily transactions. We can use it to give an invoice to customers, pay bills, generate reports, tax filing and much more…In account balancing reconciliation is an integral part, and it creates more problems than a solution when we do it ourselves.QuickBooks accounting software provides a great feature by which we can reconcile our account and undo reconciliation without doing anything manually. The Undo/Delete Reconciliation in QuickBooks saves our time that would have been wasted doing it manually. In QuickBooks desktop versions like- QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks enterprise we can easily do reconciliation by following simple steps.

But in the case of QuickBooks online, we need to register to un-reconciled each transaction independently. If the bank statement is not corresponding to the balance sheet in time or position, then it is essential that firstly we can un-reconcile the QuickBooks transactions.

Why we need Undo/Delete Reconciliation in QuickBooks.

Incorrect date-

Some QuickBooks user did a little mistake in the past date. simply a user makes a payment in past date and the payment was recorded, but the recorded date was wrong or incorrect for the record. So, in that case, the error in the statement date can be easily corrected by undoing or deleting bank reconciliation.

Wrong bank statement date-

The date on the bank statement is simply recorded wrong due to some reasons. In other words, the actual date is not printed on the bank statement. In that situation simply user punches in QuickBooks.

Incorrect bank reconciliation-

All of us know that mistakes can be made by anyone anywhere -whatever its a human or software. Some users made an error about the reconciliation, which indicates an incorrect record of the data. To improve it users goto delete or undo bank reconciliation in QuickBooks.

Ways to Undo/delete Online accountant

Here we can discuss how to delete and undo reconciliation in QuickBooks online accountant.

  • First of all Click on the Gear option.
  • Then click on Reconcile under tools 
  • This is the most important step here we can select the bank account that we want to delete ur undo bank reconciliation.
  • After that select the reconciliation month that you want to delete or undo.
  • After that, an undo button is showing to the just right of the Auto Adjustment Column.
  • Just click on  undo button
  • Then go for the ok option
  • After completing these step finally a success window is open.
  • In the end, click on the ok button.

Ways to Undo/delete Reconciliation in QuickBooks Online

Here we can learn how to delete and undo reconciliation in QuickBooks online.

  • First of all, locate the banking option from the left menu of QuickBooks
  • Simply click on the banking option
  • After that choose the account 
  • simply go to the register/account history which can be seen above in the action column
  • Then look again unreconciled transaction one by one
  • And then highlight the tab on the transaction 
  • After that just click the Tab button on the R on the top line transaction that is simply located between the Amount and Depositor charge and Payment account 
  • Simply click in this field give you permission to change all the transactions status and simply done to the desired status from bank= unreconciled to c=clear
  • Now just save the progress
  • After that, a pop has appeared that displaying an image
  • This is the last step, simply click on the ok button.

Advantages of Bank Reconciliation transaction in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Accounting software always provides great and amazing features to its users. There are many benefits that QuickBooks hold for it users, So let’s have a look-

Records all types of Transaction-

If you are a QuickBooks user and use QuickBooks for your bank transactions, then QuickBooks handles all the transactions of your bank account.

Updated reports-

QuickBooks always update important data and reports.

QuickBooks accounting software also maintains financial reports such as profit and loss, balance sheet and also all cash flow statements.

No error or discrepancy-

QuickBooks accounting software always maintains the books at a highly secure and safe level. The transactions which are done from your bank-level will also be seen in just QuickBooks panel.


I hope, you like this blog to help you to understand how to reconcile in QuickBooks online account version and QuickBooks online. and now you are able to undo reconciliation in QuickBooks account Version and in QuickBooks Online. If you are still unable to do so you can simply contact QuickBooks experts.

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