How To Print Pay Stubs And Checks In QuickBooks

Print Pay Stubs in QuickBooks

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Considering how to print pay stubs and checks in QuickBooks? All things considered, no compelling reason to think more, here is the thorough manual for print pay hits in QuickBooks Desktop. Printing pay hits doesn’t include any advanced science.

Printing check features to the users for paying wages to the employee, workers, and entrepreneurs. The QuickBooks compatible preprinting check stock used to be purchased by the people from the Intuit Market. Even the Intuit Full Service Payroll and QuickBooks Full Service Payroll does not support blank check stock.

Importance of Print Pay Stubs And Checks in QuickBooks

QuickBooks pay stubs are a component in QuickBooks that allows the clients to email the compensation stubs from QuickBooks desktop to the worker. It ought to be noticed that QuickBooks pay stubs workers as a physical record of the Paycheck sum and the date.

QuickBooks provides their user to print checks, preprinting QuickBooks, compatible laser voucher check stock with a company name, and all the bank information which is already printed on it. It helps the user to pay payments to all the people easily and effectively without any delay.

Steps To Setting up And Printing Pay Stub for QuickBooks Online Finance 

Set up QuickBooks Pay stub printing inclinations 

  • The client should tap on settings and afterward click on the Payroll settings. 
  • From that point onward, select the check printing symbol, alongside that click on the Preferences tab. 
  • When finished with that, make a point to tap on the Plain paper stubs 
  • And afterward, select the OK tab. 

Printing finance nails 

  • Presently, the client needs to choose the representatives in the laborer’s field. 
  • From that point forward, hit a tick on Paycheck List in My Payroll segment. 
  • The subsequent stage is to choose the checks that are to be printed. 
  • To end the cycle, the clients are prescribed to tap on Print. 

Techniques to Print Pay Stubs in QuickBooks 

There can be an assortment of choices that can be picked by the clients, with regards to print pay stubs in QuickBooks desktop. In this article, we will examine the absolute best ones. Let us view the techniques individually: 

Technique #1: Printing pay hits with the assistance of check list 

  • The initial step is to choose the representatives in the left side navigation bar. 
  • The subsequent stage is to tap on the Employee name that you wish to pay. 
  • Presently, the client is needed to tap on Paycheck List, on the representative’s page. 
  • Push forward, by choosing the ‘checks to pay’ choice. 
  • From that point forward, look for the choice of check number if any appropriate. 
  • Furthermore, the last advance in this cycle is to choose the Batch activity starting from the drop bolt, trailed by choosing the Print alternative.

Technique #2: Printing through Bill Payment Stubs 

  • Regardless, the client is needed to visit the File menu, that tap on the Print Form, and select Bill Payment stubs. 
  • The subsequent stage in the process is to look at the Bill Payment drop-down menu, trailed by choosing the credit card or check contingent upon the strategy for the bill installment.
  • From that point forward, in the record list, pick the reasonable Bank/Credit card account. 
  • Pushing forward, the client is needed to enter the end just as starting dates in the dated segment, so as to list the installments from an alternate date extend. 
  • Presently, the client ought to pick the checks for which he/she needs to print the bill installment stubs. 
  • Move to the subsequent stage by hitting the OK button. 
  • Ultimately, the client is needed to check the printer and furthermore determine the absolute number of duplicates and afterward press the print option, in the print window.

Technique #3: Using QuickBooks desktop document menu for printing pay nails 

  • The initial phase in this cycle is to pick the record menu and print structures, trailed by visiting the pay stubs option. 
  • From that point onward, the client is needed to choose the Payroll bank account and afterward fill in the date run, which has the pay date that should be printed. 
  • Pushing forward, on the off chance that the client needs to channel by One Employee, at that point pick the Employee choice starting from the list, which could be found close to the Employee choice. 
  • The following stage is to choose the section close by the date, and afterward pick the Pay stubs that the client is anticipating print. 
  • From that point onward, the client can pick the see to recognize the paystub before printing the equivalent. 
  • Presently, so as to choose the organization and worker information, choose the preferred option. 
  • On the off chance that the client needs to print a worldwide message for every one of the pay stubs, at that point that the client is needed to enter the substance in the organization message for printing it for all the pay stubs boxes. 
  • Pushing forward, select a Print choice. 
  • What’s more, to end the cycle, press the help option, and get the data about the Print Pay Stubs window.

Technique #4: Print Pay Stubs by Voucher Printing 

  • Open QuickBooks and push on the Menu Bar to click Edit choice. 
  • Explore the drop-down list and select the Preferences 
  • After that hit a tick on Payroll and Employees. 
  • After that press on the Company Preferences tab, and pick the Full Payroll choice in the Payroll highlights area. 
  • Go to the Set Preferences for the segment and afterward pick Pay Stub and Voucher Printing. 
  • Presently click on the checkboxes you need to remember for the Paycheck Vouchers and Pay stubs, Print section. 
  • On the off chance that you need the organization name to come on the Pay Stub, at that point you have to tap on Legal Company Name. 
  • Press on the OK choice, when you have chosen all the things. 

Technique #5: Print pay stub from check 

The client can likewise print pay stubs using paycheck. Steps to be followed are: 

  • The absolute initial step is to open the paycheck in QuickBooks desktop. 
  • And afterward, in the check, select the print symbol and furthermore pick the pay stub. 

Note: With each paycheck or a Paystub, chose information will print naturally. 

Techniques to Print Checks in QuickBooks

You can print checks in QuickBooks Online Payroll Full Service and Intuit Online Payroll Full Service are:

Technique #1: Steps to Print Checks in QuickBooks Online Payroll Full Service

QuickBooks can only able to print the Paychecks for those employees who can receive checks, pay stubs for those employees who used to receive the direct deposit in QuickBooks. These are those options that can not be changed.

But if you need to align check stock or change the paycheck and pay stub printing setting then you have to learn about or you need to see Align preprinted check stock.

  • First, select the Paycheck list in which you need to follow these steps:
    • First, go to the workers or Payroll menu
    • Then you need to select Employees.
    • Now you can see under run Payroll just select the Paycheck list.
  • Now you can able to access the Paycheck list link from the Reports tab. Then select the report tab and you need to keep in mind that you have to select the All Report tab.
  • Then you have to select the manage Payroll link and then scrolls it to locate the paycheck list link as you want.
  • Now see under Date Range you have to select the drop-down menu. And from there choose the option which includes the check date you are trying to print.
  • Then select the run report and put the check on the paycheck or pay stubs you want to print.
  • Now you can select the print option for printing the check.
  • And finally there a pdf will get open which will be ready to get print paychecks
  • Then print the icon and print on your preprinted check stock.

Technique #2: Steps to Print Checks in Intuit Online Payroll Full Service

Suppose you want to print checks in Intuit Online Payroll, then there are two ways for printing:

Method 1: For Printing Checks only from the Last Payroll

Print paycheck only from last Payroll can be done by the following steps:

  • First, select the most recent pay date from the home screen in the Recent Payment section.
  • Then select the print paychecks option for printing checks and then select checks to print.
  • At last select print where a pdf will get open which will be ready to get print paychecks
  • Then print the icon and print on your preprinted check stock.
Method 2: For Printing Checks from the Custom Date Range

Print paycheck from the custom date range can be done by the following steps:

  • First, select the Reports tab and then select Print Paychecks and Pay Stubs from the Print Paychecks.
  • Then from the date range drop-down, you need to choose the desired date range and select Custom 
  • Now you have to enter a custom date range and select Run Report.
  • Then select the checks for printing.
  • At last select print where a pdf will get open which will be ready to get print paychecks
  • Then print the icon and print on your preprinted check stock.


This carries us to the end of the article. We accept that following any of the above strategies would help the QuickBooks clients to print pay hits and print checks effectively on the QuickBooks. In the event of any issue, or on the off chance that any of your questions stay unanswered, at that point don’t stop for a second just hire a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and solve your issues.

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