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QuickBooks Advanced Inventory gives you assistance for tracking inventory at different sites. And it is only available for QuickBooks Enterprise Only. The advanced inventory management in QuickBooks Enterprise helps in handling inventories of any size. And, if you manage inventory using barcodes then, you will experience the complete integration right away with QuickBooks. Just with the help of a scanner, you have to scan inventories with their serial numbers. Then, automatically QuickBooks puts your data in the correct storage fields. Also, QuickBooks can create barcodes for your inventories, if you don’t have them already.

To save your priceless time, Intuit integrated the advanced inventory system directly with your QuickBooks Account. This tool has more capability in comparison to other inventory management software for small business. Because QuickBooks Enterprise is a well-known software application. It has some great features and functionality. And, advanced inventory is one of those features introduced by Intuit in this accounting solution.

In this article, we’re gonna study about how you can turn on advanced inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise and its features. And still after that if you need any type of help related to QuickBooks. Then, our QuickBooks Enterprise Support is always there for you at any time. We Intuit certified QuickBooks Experts and they will provide the most effective solution for your problems.

How you can Turn-On the Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks

QuickBooks has an amazing Advanced Inventory feature and you subscribe to it for your QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Software or you can also buy it. There are following steps for turn on your Advanced Inventory:

  • Click on the Edit Menu then press on Preferences.
  • Select Items and inventory then press on the Company Preferences tab, from the left pane.
  • Now, select the Inventory and Purchase Orders are an Active Box.
  • After that select the Inventory Settings button. Then, you need to Sync license data online so that the QuickBooks verify it easily if the button is grayed out even though you have bought the feature already.
  • Press on the Help button then click on Manage my License then click on the Sync Licence Data Online from the QuickBooks Desktop..
  • And then, you your Advanced Inventory is now turned-on and the button in no-longer grayed out.
  • In the final step, you need to close your QuickBooks Software and re-open it.
In case, you are unable to Sync

There might be a system specific issue, if you are unable to sync on only some computer. Then, do these following steps:

  • Run Reboot.bat
  • Using the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, fix Microsoft.NET Framework, MSXML, and C++ problems.

During repairing or uninstalling .NET Framework or you cannot apply troubleshoot steps, if you faced these types of problems. Then, we suggest to take help from your IT professionals to fix these problems. Because it becomes more complex.

How to you can Use Advanced Inventory

  • To enable your advanced inventory option, you can simply sync your computer.
  • You can also track inventory by using serial or lot numbers.
  • Make sure that you have 2.5 GB minimum space in hard drive because it requires more space.

The Features of Advanced Inventory

Multi-location tracking – 

  • Track items in different locations.
  • It manages re-orders by location.
  • Transfer inventory between locations.

Barcode Scanning-

  • Increase accuracy for inventory by scanning items and serial number without a keyboard.
  • Make your own barcodes and export to a label maker.
  • Using any simple USB scanner.

FIFO Inventory Costing

  • To track inventory, work in FIFO Costing not just Average Costing and switch between methods.

Bin Location Tracking

  • Within one or more warehouses, it tracks items down for specific bin locations.

Serial or Lot Number Tracking

  • At the time of purchase, transfer, or sale. Enter serial numbers.
  • No more extra data entry.
  • Track components by including assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Real-time Inventory Picking

  • Through real-time inventory tracking, you can easily get all the information related to inventory in QuickBooks. 
  • When the items are being picked, a status of the pick process, Picked, Pick in Progress and Partially Picked.
To meet the QuickBooks Flexibility, there are some advanced functionalities:
  • The customers can now simply track their inventories to the specific bins in different locations.
  • To enter the data quickly, it has barcode scanning.
  • And you have a choice to manage the inventory either from the lot numbers or from the serial numbers.
  • You can provide the value of inventory to different locations.
  • Feature of transferring the items between inventory sites.

More things that is Best Suited for QuickBooks Inventory 

1 – QuickBooks Advanced Inventory has little to do with your buying activities

I believe Advanced Inventory also offers some additional features to simplify or simplify the purchase and purchase order process.

Unlike the ability to create orders for multiple locations and serials or a lot of product information, there is no “magic button” in the advanced list that helps: buying the same product from multiple vendors with multiple release dates. Purchase order, purchase combination order or any such requirements.

QuickBooks Enterprise makes the purchase order and receiving module, but they are completely different to the Advanced Inventory. Do not be misled.

2 – Advanced inventory does not help with land cost or inventory cost other than FIFO

Based on my thirty years of working with manufacturing and distribution companies, I have seen cost plans such as standard costs, land costs, operating costs and others.

Learn – Advanced Inventory gives you the opportunity to use the FIFO costing method instead of the standard weighted average cost in QuickBooks. It does not offer other cost options. For them, you need to evaluate QuickBooks’ other list add-on packages.

3 – The Advanced List brings some new reports to your fingertips

In addition to the main inventory reports found in QuickBooks Enterprise, Advanced Inventory adds these reports to your toolkit:

  • Stock status by site
  • Rating site rating
  •  Site listing

Because you are creating these reports in a familiar QuickBooks interface, there are standard QuickBooks reporting tools at your fingertips (Excel exports, etc.).

4 – Advanced Listing is not a cure for all of your inventory problems

I cannot stress this enough… If you are suffering from various internal processes and procedures before the Advanced List, you will have them after the Advanced List works.

As a consultant who specializes in manufacturing, distribution, and field service businesses, I have rained on many possibilities beyond the expectation that advanced inventory will solve many of the problems that track their listings.

No question – features in Advanced Inventory can certainly help alleviate some of the problem spots in inventory inventory. However, when people “turn in the proper paperwork” or “tell someone when things are off the shelf” (comments I hear repeatedly), Advanced List is not the magic elixir.

5 – Yes, Advanced Inventory Options 

In the list management space, there are a lot of solid add-on programs. This becomes interesting to me because we need to know what functionality your business needs to be successful.

Instead of thinking that advanced inventory is the right solution, you want to create a list of “manage” and “good for features” of your list while improving your inventory management.

Importance of track Inventory?

This QuickBooks feature tracks inventory stores either from different sites or different locations. Such as, it can easily manage your inventory in your business. If you store the inventory from different warehouses either in the multiple tasks or in the different areas within a warehouse at the shipment locations or from the outside manufacturer.

And you have to purchase the advance inventory or a licence which includes in your subscription, if you want to use this feature.

And moreover, our exclusive add-on works-right in the QuickBooks with the same user interface in the Advanced Inventory. Separate data combination or separate software is not necessary now. There are some features that can saves your time:

  • Tracking the Serial Numbers
  • And, also tracking the multiple location inventories.
  • Tracks all the inventory information in one place.
  • Flexibility of  setting up different types of locations or warehouses.
  • Bin location tracking.
  • And the scanning of barcode.


You can also take our QuickBooks Expert advice, if you are having any question in your head regarding this topic. And, if you have any other problem related to QuickBooks. You just simply contact our QuickBooks Support Phone Number to get the best experienced experts advice.

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