QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table-Download, Install And Verify

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Do you know what is QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table? If no, then first know what is this. QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table is a chart that has many characteristics different columns that help to identify the taxes which are held by the employee paycheck. It is used and helps the business enterprises calculate and report taxes in the correct way.

You can easily fulfill your tax compliances with Internal Revenue Services and Tax agencies timely and accurately. Income sum, marital status of a worker, payment schedule, etc taxes face problems. Regular update of tax table provides current and accurate rates and their calculations for supported state and federal tax tables, payroll tax forms, and payment options.

Things to Remember

Some information which you need to remember:

  • Here the user who is using the QuickBooks Payroll needs to have an active QuickBooks Payroll subscription when they are updating the tax table.
  • They need to update or download their tax table every 45 days or whenever they are doing payments to their employees.
  • A good internet connection should be there for updating the Payroll Tax Table.
  • The users need to turn on the automatic update feature in QuickBooks Desktop by which all the updates can be done automatically and users need not update every time.

New Features in QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table Update in 2020

Features which are new in the tax table update in 2020 are

  • Tax Table Update

It contains the new tax tracking type by which we can easily able to track the employer accountabilities for paid leave credits in the FFCRA (Families First Coronavirus Response Act).

  • Forms Update

There is no forms update in QuickBooks Payroll Update 2020.

  • For Updating E-file and Pay

No e-file and pay updates is there.

Procedure To Set Up QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table From CD

For installing, downloading and verifying the QuickBooks Payroll tax table then you have to follow the steps which are discussed here:

Steps To Download QuickBooks Tax Table

Some steps by which you can easily download the QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables Update. They are:

  • First, click on the Employees and then go to Payroll Updates
  • Then choose Download the entire payroll update and choose update.
  • As downloading will be done, after downloading will be finished a message will be shown on your screen in which you can see A New tax table and updates to your payroll tax forms have been installed on your Desktop. Click ok to read the message will be shown. 
  • And then click ok

Steps to Install QuickBooks Tax Table

Some steps by which you can easily install the QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables Update. They are:

  • Insert the Payroll Update CD and then open the get payroll update.
  • In QuickBooks Pro and in QuickBooks Premier 
    • Click on Employees and then receive all payroll updates.
  • Then in Install Payroll Update window will be shown where you need to locate the update.dat or data file.
  • Now click on Browse and then from the install window, select CD drive from the look in
  • And choose a date in update.dat from Payroll Update Disk and click on ok
  • Then select between update.dat or update3.dat from payroll Update Disk and then tap open
  • And now go to the Payroll Update window and click ok.

Steps To Verify QuickBooks Tax Table

There are steps included which tell us how we can verify the QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables.

  • You will be shown the Install Confirmation window on your screen, just verify that you are installing the correct location and check that the version is current and new fields are correct or not.
  • After updating you will be shown a message as A new tax table has been installed on your desktop. Then click ok.
  • If the tax table will get modified you will be shown a message that You have successfully installed Payroll Update.

How to Check the Latest Version

We can check which version we are using.

  • Go to Employees and then select My Payroll Services
  • Then go to tax table information.
  • There the first three numbers will be showing the version of the table tax as You are using the Tax table version and should be read as 1208.

Procedure to Download And Install Latest Version Of QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table in QuickBooks Desktop

If you want to download and install the latest version of QuickBooks Payroll Table in QuickBooks Desktop then you have to follow the below given easy steps:

Steps to Download the latest Tax Table from a CD

If you face a problem in downloading the latest version of the tax table then you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the Employees menu and then choose to get Payroll Updates.
  • Then choose the download the entire update checkbox and click on download latest update.
  • After completion of the download, a window will be displayed automatically.

Steps to Install the latest Tax Table from a CD

For installing the latest Tax Table then follow these steps given below:

  • First, enter your service and disk delivery keys
    • Open the Employees menu and then choose Payroll
    • Then enter the Payroll Service Key.
    • Now choose to Add on QuickBooks Service Sign up the screen and enter your Service Key
    • And choose Next and enter your Desk Delivery Key and choose next.
  • Then install the update from the CD
    • First, enter the Payroll Update CD in your CD drive.
    • Then go to Employee and choose to get Payroll Updates
    • Now click on Install Update from Disk and click on Install.

Last Words

We have discussed how we can download, install, check, and update the QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table. We have discussed all the steps here and if then also you face any issue or problem or doubt then you can easily contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor and solve all your issues with the quick and best solution provided by them.

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