How To Set Up Prior Payroll In QuickBooks Online Payroll

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QuickBooks Online Payroll provides us to enter the Prior Payroll in QuickBooks Online Payroll of the employee. By setting up Payroll then you need to pay the Payroll tax returns, Payroll taxes, and filing taxes. They provide the solutions for Payroll as:

  • Enhanced Payroll
  • Basic Payroll
  • Assisted Payroll

Prior Payroll help to enter all the data that is if there is a former employee and leave the company before using the QuickBooks Payroll and you need to enter all the past details for W2 for that employee. Then Prior Payroll QuickBooks is helpful.

Many members are paying employees, then they require to enter employee’s Prior Payroll information in QuickBooks Online. They need to create the W2 form in QuickBooks for every employee in QuickBooks Online. But there are many people who do not have knowledge of entering the information in QuickBooks Payroll Online.

Features of Prior Payroll QuickBooks Online

Here are the features of the prior Payroll can be with respect to time-saving as well as with respect to Payroll inside the QuickBooks.

Features of Prior Payroll With Respect to Time- Saving

Here are some features for time saving Payroll in QuickBooks online. They are:

  • Payroll can run by the clients with the help of a mobile app anytime and anywhere.
  • Pay and Manage Bills.
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Within QuickBooks Online you can easily pay and file taxes
  • We can print and prepare 1099s
  • Track income and expenses
  • We can do Inventory tracking in QuickBooks.
  • If you face any issue or you have any questions then you can get all the answers by the chat support and can get a free phone call from U.S.-based Payroll experts.

Features of Payroll Inside the QuickBooks

Here are some features of Payroll inside the QuickBooks Online. They are:

  • You can get Live Payroll experts
  • An automatic reminder is present
  • Run Payroll
  • Payroll reports
  • Payroll Taxes and year-end W2
  • Your Payroll Taxes will be calculated easily
  • Simple Payroll inside Quickbooks
  • Unlimited Payroll
  • Set up in minutes

Steps for Setup Prior Payroll In QuickBooks Online Payroll

For setting up the prior Payroll first you need to follow the steps before setting up the prior Payroll and then you need to set up the prior Payroll.

Steps to Follow Before Setting Up Prior Payroll

Some of the setup information told here for QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online Payroll. From here you can get past Payroll providers, records, accountants, and state agencies. So some of the things are:

  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Tax information
  • Prior Payroll
  • Direct Deposits
  • Company Information
  • Payroll Liability Information
  • Employees

Steps for Setup Prior Payroll

Here we have mentioned some steps by which we can able to set up the Payroll in QBO Payroll. They are:

  • First, open QuickBooks and then go to Workers and choose Employees from there.
  • Now choose to Get Started with Payroll to launch the setup process.
  • After then fill in all the information as a company, employee, tax information, etc.
  • Then go running Payroll on the Employees screen

How To Enter Prior Payroll In QuickBooks Online Payroll

Here are various steps for entering the prior Payroll in the QuickBooks Online Payroll. They are discussed below:

Step 1: First Assemble Employee Information

Pay Stubs reports to Employee W4 to help your file employee details. Then using the pay stubs and reports you can range from employee year to date.

Step 2: Get Started

  • First, go to Payroll and click on Overview.
  • Then you need to finish the task which will be shown on your TO DO. In this, you need to attach all your business information 
  • After this, you need to click on Let go to begin adding your employees.
  • In this step, you have to all the information which is asked has to be filled and if you have completed 1 to 7 questions then click on Done.
  • Now, you click on Add employee to add the rest of your employees.
  • At last, you have to follow all the steps which are shown on the screen from step 1 to 7. If the customer does not have any wages for the current year then click on done and add extra employees as required.

Steps 3: Then Enter the payment of the employee who has been paid this year

  • First, click on Enter[year] prior pay details and then give all the question answers to choose the time period of the employee was paid
  • After giving the answer you need to report and pay stubs you need to enter the employee payment which has been paid this year in the Year date totals.
  • Then you need to include all type of earnings, discount, taxes, and company contributions including
    • Regular Wages
    • Overtime Pay, Bonus Pay, etc
    • Federal Income Tax
    • Social Security and Medicare
    • State Income Tax
    • State Disability Insurance
    • Net Pay
  • But if you are in quarters 2 to 4 then you need to enter the amount paid to the employee for prior quarters in Year date total as of column

Steps 4: You need to repeat all employees paid this year

Now, you need to enter the payment information for all the employees paid in the current calendar year. Even for those who are no longer with your company.

Final Words

Here we have discussed how we can set up Prior Payroll For QuickBooks Online Payroll, we have also discussed their features. If you face any issue or have any doubt then you can contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor and solve all your issues by getting the best solutions.

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