Company Snapshot in Quickbooks

This type of report you can add to the Business snapshot is accessed through the “Add Content” option viewed on the Company Snapshot. The “Add Content” access a window that details you can make to the Snapshot Page. At the Add Content Page, press “Add” to put this individual content option on your snapshot page. so let’s discuss the company snapshot in QuickBooks.

if you find there’s some information you don’t require on the Snapshot, press on the “X” next to its field to remove it. You can add or remove options as required to find the best balance between beneficial information. It takes time to find the best format, but the effort is well worth the time. Once you have the content you need, press and drag it on the Company Snapshot panel to position it as you wish, Press “Done” to Save your Changes or “Restore Defaults” to start over. 

General Sections of the Company Snapshot

The Company Snapshot is a panel that is upgraded in real-time with all of your company’s information that’s entered into Quickbooks. The program samples the information and gives it in an easy to read an overview that’s invaluable to busy business owners.

The areas represented on this panel include income trends, business expense the balances of all accounts associated with Quickbooks. the breakdown of income sources, vendors owed money, expense line items, and accounts. Top-grossing consumers and vendors, top inventory, and any accounting reminders, company earnings and expense comparison to last year.

If you don’t have a full administrator for Quickbooks, the data that you have access to shows within the snapshot. Your company employees who are not authorized for all permitted sections are closed from the Quickbooks accounting information. In the other accessible sections.    

Get a quick view of the bottom line of your business with these reports available on the Quickbooks Company Snapshot –

Account Balances

View balance sheet accounts by default are shown. You can add other account types to this show by clicking the choose Accounts, Link.

Company Income Breakdown 

View your company’s largest source of income.

Company Expense Breakdown

Show your Company’s Biggest expenses.

Top Customers by Sales

Easily report on who your top five customers based on sales for a given time.

Last Year Expense Comparison  –

Compare to how much money you are spending this year to last years for any or all accounts. You can Show monthly, weekly, or yearly income and expenses comparisons.

Customize the Company Snapshot 

Quickbooks offers the ability to customize the snapshot information on together a user and business file a particular basis, which can be useful in multi-user environments. To customize your Company Snapshot to follow these simple ways:-

  • From the menu bar, choose Company, Company Snapshot to show the graphs and reports. 
  • Press Add Content to show and choose from extra graphs and reports 
  • Click the Add (+) button next to a graph or report to join it to your Company Snapshot.
  • Press Restore to remove any graphs or reports you added. 
  • Click Done to show your improved Company Snapshot. 
  • To resurface the order or placement of a graph and report, click and hold your left mouse button drag the item to a new location, and click the button.
  • If your choice to print the details of the snapshot, choose one of the following options from the Print menu option. In the upper-right corner to print your snapshot, or ready for printing. Print Preview, or Set guidelines.


In this blog, we have discussed the Company Snapshot in Quickbooks. some steps provided you and some largest steps. And also understand you Customize Company Snapshot.

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