How To Set Up QuickBooks Payments- Bill, Electronic, And GoPayment

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QuickBooks payments let users make payments from anywhere and anytime through various modes like a credit card, debit card, ACH banks, direct bank transfers using mobile phones. Many times we want to make the payment to the dealers but when we are stuck somewhere or there is a long line in the banks the payment is made late.

To overcome all these things QB payments are the best option to make payments to the customers. With the Intuit QuickBooks Payments, you can send the invoices to the clients through mobile payments with the simple ‘Pay Now’ button. QB payments ensure that the payment is made to the customers in the given time, no delay of payment is there in QB payments. It allows you to make the payment digitally and also allows its users to make the instant payment and records the transaction and keeps the detail confidential.

Setting Up and Using QuickBooks Payments

Here is the link to a video through which you can better understand how to set up and use the QB payments . Click on the link provided to know it better.

QuickBooks Payments is the payment processor in the QuickBooks to make the payment digitally. To make the payment, one should have the account or do have to sign up with an account. With intuit payment, you can save the customer’s details, card details, and business details so you can charge them easily. It is easy to use on the go. You can use it on your mobile phones with a card reader attached. Here is to set up the intuit payment:

  • First, you have started the signup process. Go to the Accounts and Settings. 
  • Now click on the Payments option.
  • Now if it would have been set up you will see information about managing your payment account.
  • If it does not have payment setup then click on the button saying Learn More and this will show the rates and will show how it works
  • Then click to Set Up Payments.
  • Next is to enter about the business like bank accounts and where you want your customer’s payment to be deposited.
  • Then fill in the owner’s information to get verified to the QuickBooks Payments.
  • Then select the option from which bank you want to make the payment and fill in the details.
  • Now you can even pay straight through invoices or you can add a ‘Pay Now’ button.
  • When you are making the invoice then be sure to select the types of payment you will accept.
  • Now select the Save and Send option to continue the invoices and when the client sees it they can make payment through the ‘Pay Now’ button.
  • Now if you want to receive the payment, go to the plus sign and then select the received payment to receive the payments from the clients.
  • Then enter the Credit Card details, if your customer pays you at the time of sales then create a sales receipt by clicking on the plus sign, and under the customer, section clicks the Sales Receipt option. Now, select the credit card for the payment.
  • Then set up Recurring Payments to automatically charge your customers.

You can go through this QuickBooks Tutorial for a detailed description to set up the QuickBooks payments or can go through the video provided on the top.

QuickBooks Bill Payments

QuickBooks Bill Payments allows you to manage and make multiple payments at the same time or you can also pay one at a time according to your wish. But many times you must be wondering to make all the bill payments on the same time, so QuickBooks bill payment provides you with this feature.  this video link provided shows you how to make QuickBooks bill payments.

Here are some steps to make QuickBooks Bill Payments easier:

  • Enter Bills: Whenever you receive a bill, you can record it and make payment when it’s due.
    • Select +New, then Purchase Bill, then from Supplier drop-down menu select supplier. 
    • From the Terms drop-down menu select the preferred bill’s term.
    • Then fill out the Bill Date, Due Date, Bill no. fields.
    • Select the Location from the Location drop-down menu
    • Fill in other categories and then select Save and Close.
  • Paying bills through Pay Bills: Through this, you can track the bills and can make payment of multiple bills at the same time.
    • Select +New, then under Suppliers select Pay Bills.
    • Then select the appropriate Payment account and then verify the Payment date. 
    • You can change the Starting Cheque no. if you are using the current account.
    • Select Apply when done.
  • Paying bills through cheques: The cheque payment is the method to pay bills one at a time.
    • Select +New
    • Under Suppliers, select Cheque.
    • Fill out the Payee, Bank Account, Location, Amount fields.
    • Fill out the categories and then select Save and Close.

QuickBooks Electronic Payment

QuickBooks allows you to make payments electronically or digitally through an internet connection. QB makes it easier for the clients to make and get payments through electronic ways. You can pay through e-cheques, credit cards, bank transfers digitally. Just you have to set up the e-payments for invoices. To set up the e-payment, follow the steps:

  • Click on the Gear option.
  • Click on Account and Settings.
  • Then select the Payments.
  • Then click on Learn More, and from there you will be redirected to the signup page.

QuickBooks GoPayment

QuickBooks GoPayment is an app by QuickBooks to make payments on a single go. It has the feature of a card reader that enables the user to accept credit card payments.

You can Sign in from the GoPayments app and can access the features of this app to make payment easier. It provides the best features like invoicing, credit card processing, bank transfers, signature capture; etc.

QuickBooks GoPayment is the top 3 ranked mobile payment application. Its pricing model is the monthly payment and it also provides us with a free trial.


The main idea in writing this article is that our customers should know that QuickBooks provides the best service to their customers with the best features. QuickBooks payments allow the users to make the payment, send the invoices and receive or send payments anytime, from anywhere you are. You can make and receive payments through electronic medium also and through credit card readers also.

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