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Intuit Payment (IP) allows us to accept the credit card, debit cards, and bank transfers to send the invoices details to the merchant. IP is a payment processor that is set up in the Quickbooks Online. So in this, you can receive the payments digitally through Quickbooks. IP lets us to record the transaction and makes the payment. Intuit payments Network allows the user to make the payment directly to the customer. And the payment can be received within the five working days after the payment has been done. The user can make payment through the card readers also. The IP makes easy for the customers or user to make payment through cards or banks transfer. Paypal is one kind of example of IP. There are various ways to accept the payment from the customer. Lets see some of them…

Ways to accept payments

Card Payment: Card payment is one of the most appropriate of payment in intuit payment world, where no face to face interaction is required instead can do payment through mobile phones, tablets or iphones. It includes the credit card and debit card payment.

Card Swipers: By swiping the card, the customer can do payment to the merchant. Just you have to do is swipe the card in swiper enter the code and the amount the amount will be deducted. No need to carry heavy cash loads with you.

GoPayment App: The GoPayment app has been designed to receive and send the payments. The Gopayment app gives the user low, flat rates; no monthly issues and can receive the payments in the next business days. The GoPayment allows user to create items and set up the taxes and sales to get the business raise to high standard.

Why to use intuit payment?

Intuit payment is easy and provides security in making payment . The credit card and debit card details are added in it to make the transaction or the payment easy to the merchant or the customer.

IP makes the checkout process more easier and smooth. The details stored in the IP will remain secure. IP provides the secure refund policy. In the IP multiple payments are allowed which makes the payments more convenient and more methods of payments can be stored of debit, credit and eChecks. To use the eChecks, the eChecks option should be selected in your IP account

Setup the Intuit Payment

It is the payment processor in the Quickbooks to make the payment digitally. To make the payment, one should have the account or do have to sign up with an account. With IP you can save the customer’s details, cards detail and business details so you can charge them easily. Intuit QuickBooks payment is easy to use on the go you can use it on your mobile phones with a card reader attached. Here is to setup the intuit payment:

  • Go to the Accounts and then Settings
  • Now to the Payments
  • If would have been set up you will see information about managing your payment account.
  • If it does not have payment setup then click on the button saying Learn More and this will show the rates and will show how it works
  • Then click to Setup Payments and the fill the business information, personal information, bank details.
  • After completion review your details approve yourself, in few days you will get approved and then you can move ahead.

Intuit Payment Network (IPN)

Intuit payment network abbreviated as (IPN). In this the sender sends the payment and the receiver is notified about the payee that is send from the sender. And after this the money is transferred from payer’s to payee’s bank. It is the method to send and receive the payments digitally. This method is the fastest method of payment and its convenient to use. Through IPN network is the modern way and payments are accepted through debit cards, credit cards, and electronically. You can pay to the payee from a simple pay button.

So here’s the question why we use this ? So the answer is that it is secure and the payer can pay from anywhere and the payee can receive the payment from anywhere digitally. And one can pay to any authorized person and it is completely free no extra charge is required . When you pay from the payment network you can easily track your payment.

IPN fee schedules:

The pricing schedule is as follows :

  • The monthly fee is $0 for non-monthly fee plan and $19.95 for monthly fee plan.
  • The pricing schedule for swiped credit and debit card is %2.70 for non monthly fee plan and 2.30% for monthly fee plan.
  • The pricing schedule for PIN debit card is 1.0% for both non-monthly amd monthly fee plan.


As you have read ,this blog is about intuit payment. The main motive of writing this blog is, to make know the readers about the IP. It is a setup Of Intuit QuickBooks for Online payments procedure. It is easy and safe to make payments to the customers through credit card, debit card and through bank transfers. IP saves the payment details without any risk. To know how to setup the payments you can follow the steps mentioned above.

This blog also contains the information about Intuit Payment Network and its related fee schedules. Lastly i want to conclude that IP is ‘read-only’ so that all your information mentioned is safe. And no one else can use that information for any kind of payment. Btw IPN most convenient and easy way to pay to the customer digitally. As all its information are secure.

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