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Intuit Products are innovative and version enough to help an individual, small business or Accountant’s money make sense without much effort. You can never go wrong with their expert opinion and real world practical advice. Intuit Products have free trials, easy sign up and are extremely inexpensive, it will make your life easier and you will experience a life changing moment with the strength of Intuit Products by your side. Their powerful results have made them the best software available in the market and is widely used throughout the world.

Let’s get a clear view of what Intuit Products are and what are their features –

Intuit Products List :

Intuit Products For individuals:

If you are an individual and need assistance in financial decisions then here are few Intuit Products for your rescue —

1. Turbo Tax

If you are alone at home and facing problems related to tax then Intuit Product offering TurboTax can be of great help. Here you can get unlimited tax advice and suggestions from experts like CPA or EA sitting across the world. TurboTax ensures that you get your maximum returns from the comfort of your house. You just need to provide basic information about your income, rent, children or dependents etc. By using TurboTax you can get the perfect tax solution irrespective of your profession. 

2. Mint

Mint helps you to bring together all your accounts, bills and more, so you can conveniently manage your finances from one dashboard. It also leads to easy methods of creating budgets according to your specifications. Mint brings together all your account balance, bills, credits at one place for easy access and receive reminders for every payments that is going to be due in the near future. With multiple safety measures like security encryption and multi layer authentication all your personal information will be kept safe and secured. 

3. Quickbooks self employed

Quickbooks self employed facilitates you to stay prepared for tax time and uncover deductions you didn’t know about. If you are a freelancer or independent contractor Quickbooks Self Employed helps you to create flexible plans as per your need. Some exceptionally helpful features include distinction between personal and professional expenses, estimate quarterly tax, keep a track of invoices, etc.

4. Turbo

To achieve your goals you need a well laid road map, Turbo helps you do exactly that. By turbo you can get practical advices straight from the experts of how to achieve your goals and what right steps you need to take in order to make  smart financial decisions. Turbo also views and tracks the progress you have made so you feel confident and keep on working hard to achieve your goals. Turbo does all the calculations and let you know your present and future capacity to get a real picture of your progress. 

Intuit Products For accountants :

1. Lacerte Tax

By using Lacerte Tax you can get relevant guidance at any point where you need it with just a click, in context, without interrupting your workflow. The accuracy and efficiency with automated calculations related with depriciation, amortization, debt forgiveness, and more. The user can also access Lacerte Tax software from anywhere and on any device by connecting all your staffs and data in the cloud without disturbing your workflow. 

2. ProConnect Tax

You can deal with any tax scenario with the strength of Intuit on your side. It also helps you to prepare tax planner for comparing the tax scenarios across multiple years. You can get a personalised software that fits into your current process. 

3. ProSeries Tax

The accountants can file for tax returns quickly and confidently with the ProSeries Tax software. 

It is known for its easy interactive interface and error diagnosing feature. In the software you just need to simply describe what you are looking into and it will lead you to the relevant forms and specific data entry fields making the job for you hassle free and much simpler. 

For small businesses:

1. Quickbooks

Quickbooks helps you to become an accountant expert with advanced accounting tools and without much hassle. It does all your calculations and helps you to be prepared for the unpredictable future.  Quickbooks enables you to get custom reminders, easy tracking and taking sound business decisions. It has everything laid down in one place and the user friendly interface helps you to easily manage your income, expenses and more.

2. Payroll

Managing payroll and taxes associated with it is considered to be very time consuming but Intuit Product offering Payroll will help you as experts will review your payroll setup and offer you step by step guidance whenever you need it. Payroll gives you HR guidance, helps you filing federal and state payroll taxes, manage time and save money by same day direct deposit. Therefore it manage payroll and access expert HR services in one platform. 

3. Quickbooks payment

QuickBooks Payments lets you accept credit cards, debit cards, and ACH bank transfers on the go without any delay. It helps you to send invoices straight from QuickBook payment pay now button. You can key in your customer’s debit card or credit card to accept payment anytime and anywhere, also it immediately hits your QuickBook cash account. You can also set a reminder if you have recurring payments for your business. 

4. T-sheets for Quickbooks 

Tsheets gives you real time insights by managing your business and keep your projects on track with accurate and detailed reports. Tsheets enables you to track time effortlessly. You can access TSheets time tracking with iOS and Android smartphones, desktop and laptop computers.  Thus it doesn’t matter if you have one office or many you can track time and avoid time related errors through Tsheets easily. 

5. Quickbooks capital

No business house can run without funding irrespective of their scale of operation. To fulfill the working capital requirements, businesses tend to spend a lot of time and money. But Quickbooks capital enables you to get fast access to working capital with no hidden fees. You can also see the funding options without any payment commitments. By availing for Quickbooks capital you get entitled to no origination fees, no prepayment penalties and no hidden costs whatsoever. 

I hope this article helped you getting a detailed description of how Intuit Products helps you in making your business related and personal decisions sound with their expert opinion. Even if you have any doubt you can get more information on your official website and contact them through mail and phone numbers provided there. I would highly recommend using Intuit Products for Individuals, small business or Accountant for a life changing experience with their supervision and easily manage your money. 

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