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If you carry a mid and large size of business and searching for an accounting software then you can stop your journey on QuickBooks enterprise. Because this is the best accounting software and new features in Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise 2020 is the most advanced version of QuickBooks Desktop.

hence, with the help of this software, you can take your business to a new height. It comes with a range of functionality by which you can run your business end to end. In this article, we can discuss everything related to this accounting software.

Why Choose QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

QuickBooks provides three types of accounting software to their users that are- QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and Enterprise. The price of this software is quite different from each other. Where Pro and Premier are based on one-time payment whereas Enterprise is based on an annual subscription.

QuickBooks Enterprise comes with three editions and the price of each edition are different from each other. The annual price of Enterprise Silver Editions is $1155, whereas the annual fee of Enterprise Gold and Platinum edition is $1,502 and $1,848 respectively for the single user. The prices increase when the number of users is increases

Pro and Premier edition is best for that business whose earnings are under $1 million/year.

In Pro edition up to 3 users can access the software and in Premier edition up to 5 users can access the software on the other hand in the Enterprise edition up to 30 users can access the software and revenue of more than $1 million/year.

Plan and Pricing of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

The QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is available in three versions. And all three are different from each other in their own way.

QuickBooks Enterprise Silver

This is also known as the budget edition of QuickBooks Enterprise and then it comes with all the necessary features which support them but there is limited functionality as well as choice. In this edition, Enhanced payroll, advanced inventory, and Pricing features are not included these features are available in the Gold and Platinum editions.

Some of the best features of this edition are- 

  • Handling customer support
  • Online storage facility
  • Special benefits under the Priority Circle customer loyalty program
  • Feature of automatic product up-gradation
  • Generate advance report

QuickBooks Enterprise Gold

The Gold edition comes with one additional feature that is Advanced Payroll Services. This feature makes this edition advance from Silver edition.

Some of the best features of this edition are- 

  • Hand payroll process for any number of users
  • Creating and printing unlimited of paychecks
  • Directly payment to the worker without any charge
  • Calculate tax as per the taxation rules
  • Automatically generate W-2 forms
  • Pay payroll taxes in time without no penalties

QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum

This is the advanced edition of Enterprise and comes with two additional features that are Inventory handling and Advanced Price Control. With the help of these factors, the user gets better control over inventory and pricing of the table.

Advanced Pricing Highlights

The best part of this feature is it gives total control on the pricing and transactions for generating sales revenue of the company. With the help of this feature the users business-

  • You need to create, modify and enforce several pricing criteria which are based on a number of factors but leaving the product and the end customers.
  • They will be giving you discounts which will be based on quantity and also based on the manufacturer’s markdowns.
  • You need to create time-driven product promotions that are based on special pricing criteria.

Advanced Inventory highlights

This feature is profitable in other conditions:

  • Maintaining inventory levels and cutting down overheads
  • Facilitating the prioritization of sale order execution
  • It can be easily tracked by bin, lots, or serial numbers
  • Goods transferring will be done across the warehouse
  • You can create customized reports for getting more details
  • Using mobile barcode scanning the accuracy and speed of orders of the shipping is improved.

Comparison Between QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2020 Versions on the Basis of Price

No. of UsersSilver QuickBooks Desktop EnterpriseGold QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise
Platinum QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise
1 User    $1155/year Annual subscription* $1502/year Annual subscription* $1848/year Annual subscription*
2 User$1848/year Annual subscription* $2195/year Annual subscription* $2541/year Annual subscription*
3 Users$2310/year Annual subscription* $2657/year Annual subscription* $3003/year Annual subscription*
4 Users$2772/year Annual subscription* $3119/year Annual subscription* $3465/year Annual subscription*
5 Users$3234/year Annual subscription* $3581/year Annual subscription* $3927/year Annual subscription*
6 Users$3581/year Annual subscription* $3927/year Annual subscription* $4274/year Annual subscription*
7 Users$3927/year Annual subscription* $4274/year Annual subscription*  $1848/year Annual subscription*
8 Users$4274/year Annual subscription* $4620/year Annual subscription* $4967/year Annual subscription*
9 Users$4620/year Annual subscription* $4967/year Annual subscription* $5313/year Annual subscription*
10 Users$4967/year Annual subscription* $5313/year Annual subscription* $5660/year Annual subscription*
Up to 30 Users$7277/year Annual subscription* $7623/year Annual subscription* $7970/year Annual subscription*

QuickBooks Enterprise Has the Following Industry-Specific Versions

Owner Version

This edition is ideal for contracting, construction, and any business in need of advanced job costing and project management. It comes with a great feature of costing center which shows users his three most profitable jobs and three least profitable jobs.

Manufacturing and Wholesale Version

Manufacturing and Whole edition of QuickBooks are best for manufacturers and wholesalers in need of many users and sales reports. Sales Order Fulfillment worksheet is one of the best features of the QuickBooks Manufacturing and Wholesale edition.

With the help of this feature, the user sees the sales order date, ship date, job, number, amount to fulfill, open amount and the sales order. Users can send item receipts and make a bill for a particular item.

Retail Version

Retail Edition of QuickBooks is best for small businesses in the retail industry. This edition provides strong sales reporting and inventory management. Sales Order Fulfillment, manage vendor returns and bill credits are some top features of this edition.

This Retail edition of QuickBooks also includes customized charts of Accounts, Customized Products, Service list and custom reports for each industry. It integrates with Shopify and QuickBooks POS, so companies using these programs from direct integration with the QuickBooks Retail edition.

Non Profit Version

The Non Profit edition of QuickBooks is best for Non-profit Organizations. That needs to manage complex accounting, strong reporting, and many users. This edition of QuickBooks comes with many features like Managing pledges, manages and records donations made by cheques, cash or through the card. It comes with a great feature by which the user can create and send donor letters too. 

Professional Service Version

Professional Services version of QuickBooks Enterprise is best for an architecture company, medical firms, engineering firms, legal firms, graphic design companies, marketing companies, and such other services.

The main difference between in this edition and the Standard edition is the ability to send proposals and create few extra reports. This edition comes with a great feature by which the user can send invoices quicker and easier with only a few clicks.

Accountant Version

The Accountant edition of QuickBooks is best for accountancy firms and offices that manage and track multiple accounts of multiple businesses. The Accountant center is one of the great features of this edition by which users can view specialized tools and memorized reports, batch transactions has the capability to batch delete and batch enter or void transactions.

You can find many features in this version. Set closing date is one of the other features of this version. This edition is specially designed for accounting companies.

What are the New Features in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2020

Automated Payment Reminders

This feature saves lots of time for the user. This feature of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2020 helps to remind the customer automatically for their payments and due. The user does not need to waste his lots of time identifying due payments and compose mail. This feature allows the user to schedule, review and send payment reminders to his customers for due or overdue invoices.

Automatically add customer purchase order number to email

This is one of the great features of  QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2020. With the help of this feature, the user can make their customer work easy by adding the purchase order number on the subject of the email. By this feature customer easily find out the particular email from the bunches. 

Combine Multiple Emails

With the help of this feature, the user can improve their customer service by sending all invoices in one email which relates to a single customer. This feature will not make the work massy and time saving too.

Company file search

Users can find and open his company files easily by using the file search option on the no company open screen.

Easier admin password reset

Users can reset Company File Admin Password easily without entering a long list of information to make sure it is a genuine person or not! Just select the email from a drop-down list of emails registered with their QuickBooks and enter the key that receives to reset the Admin password.

fall down columns in reports

Now the users can collapse multiple columns together. This makes the reports clean and understandable. After this feature now user can hide the internal process and show the only customer required information.

Payroll status for direct deposit enabled customers

The user directly checks his direct deposit payroll. Without contact support or doing any email. 

Smart email

The help option of QuickBooks 2020 comes with new features. Press the F1 key for improved content and search experience or reach care agents through messaging or call back options.


The QuickBooks provides another feature of the Enterprise edition in which the user purchases the Enterprise plan with the hosting. With the help of this service, the data of the user is stored in the cloud storage, not on their local system by which the user can access their account anytime from anywhere. So we hope you have got your solution for the query for further you can hire a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and get all your solutions.

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