How To Download QuickBooks In Simple Steps

QuickBooks is a full support accounting software. which is develop and market by an official website that helps millions or thousands of tasks with the help of QuickBooks tools. QuickBooks Online also is using to manage personal finances. It is the best suite for small and medium businesses and for those who have a product-based business that has complex inventory tracking. These types of companies are recommending to install the QuickBooks Desktop.  In this article, we talk about how to download QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Pro, and QuickBooks Enterprise.

QuickBooks has been the most stable option for all types of business owners. It offers the best facilities for accounting and maintenance of all business accounts. However, QuickBooks is the most outstanding accounting software that always comes with the new features and the different advances in its version. It is an ideal tool for all types of companies, whether small, large, or medium.

How To Download QuickBooks?

You can easily download QuickBooks Desktop from the Intuit site. Before downloading the desktop, it is very important to know three QuickBooks products that you will download in QuickBooks.

  • QB Enterprise
  • QB Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier 

1. QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is software that creates to help you manage your accounting and business needs efficiently and easily. It comes with functionality to manage accounting, payroll, payments, inventory, and more. It facilitates the management of your business from start to finish. 

However, it allows you to have up to 30 users simultaneously but1 GB or more of data file size is support. Basically, QuickBooks Enterprise is for large companies and commercial organizations.

2. QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro is a software that is designing to help you and handle your accounting and business needs with ease. That comes with the functionality to handle QuickBooks account, payments, inventory, payroll. It allows you to have up to 5 users simultaneously and 150-200 MB data file size is support in it. Basically, QuickBooks Pro is relatively for small business firms and organizations.

3. QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier is software that comes with the functionality to manage accounting, payroll, payments, inventory, and more. It allows you to have up to 5 users simultaneously in this premier a data file size of 150-200 MB is support. Basically, QuickBooks Premier is relatively for small businesses and organizations.

Steps to download QuickBooks Desktop

Step 1. First, you click on the intuit link because you need to fill some information region type of QuickBooks and product.

Step 2. After that fill information then we download the QuickBooks which you want

Step 3. After downloading the QuickBooks successfully in your desktop or system. then we can install QuickBook Accounting Software. 

Click Here For QuickBooks Download

If you download this software then you need to activate the QuickBooks by entering the product key. Then you can follow some procedures and activate the QuickBooks. 

How To Install QuickBooks in Our Systems

Step 1. Go to the location where you download or save QuickBooks. Click on the QuickBooks executable file which executes for installation.

Step 2. Click Yes for all existing extract files and wait when all file not be extract.

Step 3. After that accept the software Licence Agreement  

Step 4. Fill product and the license number and click Next.

ten we choose the type of installation for the computer.

  • Express 

It allows users to make suggested decisions for them, including replacing their previous version of QuickBooks, if any.

  • Custom

You can choose this if you want to use multiple versions of QuickBooks on computers and if you want to use QuickBooks to share data with other users on a network.

How To Activate Your QuickBooks 

Step 1. Open your QuickBooks desktop and press F2 key 

Step 2. Open your product information window and verify the registration and Licence Number

Step 3. If the status is showing” Activate” then all is fixed.

Step 4.  If the status is not active, we choose the OK button to close the product information window.

Step 5. After that, go to the Help menu and choose the Activate QuickBooks option.


QuickBooks Desktop is considering one of the best accounting programs that have benefit small and medium businesses. Every year, intuit introduces a new version of the application with new and improved features. Intuit recently released QuickBooks Desktop 2020. However, the new version must be download and then install on the system. And in this blog, we talk about the details of how to download and install QuickBooks on systems.

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