Renewal or Reactivate Subscription in Quickbooks Enhanced Payroll

When your payroll enhanced subscription is coming owed, it’s time for Renewal & Reactivate Subscription in Quickbooks Enhanced Payroll. Normally, Quickbooks automatically reactivates this but sometimes when they require renewal comes up. The causes could be the last day date(expire) of credit card or debit card or any other form of payment mistake failure, some other Techincal issues which are also there.
Are you working on Quickbooks software and it is moving to Expire now? The subscription you have to create the last tie for a period is moving to end now in these days and times you require to renew or reactivate it, but don’t know how to do it. This blog will help and assist you on how to renew your Quickbooks subscription. Our Professional Team of Quickbooks Support provides the answer to this problem in the most difficult direction of root up your problem.

Simple & Effective Characteristics For Renewal or Reactivate Subscription in Quickbooks Enhanced Payroll 

Here is the best solution that you have to follow simple and Effective characteristics so that you obtain the best result or get it done easily.

The characteristics are as follow:-

  • You log in to your account, you presented an option of renewing your Quickbooks Account Subscription.
  • Then Press on the Gear icon on the Desktop screen displayed at the top-right corner and below your business company select the option of your account.
  • In the subscription status, press on Subscribe or Renewal.
  • The Pop-up notification window interface or a subscription renewal page will access it.
  • Later that, press the button named “Already have an activation code number” if you have it. Move ahead with renewal instructions that are displayed on the desktop screens.
  • Now in the given text box present the promotion code number and then press on the apply button to save all types of new changes in it.
  • The terms and conditions will interface now, read it carefully, and then proceed ahead.
  • Later inserting the credentials in the provided space, Press create the Payment/Continue option.
  • In the payment section, now you require to select the mode of payment through which you are moving to pay for the renewal or reactivate of the Quickbooks Account Subscription.
  • If you have paid Successfully, you have successfully renewed or reactivated your Quickbooks Account Subscription.

Renewal or Reactivate inside your desktop File: Quickbooks Enhanced Payroll 

Follow the ways given below in order to begin the process of payroll renewal or reactivate in which your desktop file. If you want this option to know about the Quickbooks desktop payroll pricing cost, you can communicate with us right now. Our best professionals and experts understand your problem and issue and provide you the most useful and helpful solution. If you any renewal or reactivate the subscription problem you can dial our Quickbooks Payroll Support Number. Below some ways to renew or reactivate subscription inside your desktop file.

  • First, open your Quickbooks tool and press on the employee’s menu option. Then choose my payroll service option and watch for the account and billing information window.
  • Press on it and log in utilizing your Quickbooks account login information
  • Watch for the service information section and simply press on the reactivate link option that is placed right next to the service work status.
  • Confirm and verify whether or not your payroll service is on the list. Later that, check out.
  • Now, you want to select a payment method- just add or upgrade your payment information in the payment column and row then press on submitting option.
  • Press on place order, traced by next and re-open Quickbooks  Account.
  • Double and cross-check if the reactivation or renewal process is complete or not complete.
  • You can do this by signing into Employees > my Payroll Service and then pressing on billing/account information. The service status will desktop screen display active if the renewal is done. 

What to do When You Get a Cancelation Notification Email 

Many times when a user’s Quickbooks Payroll falls to automatically reactive, an email of cancellation interfaces. This usually happens when there is a credit card/ debit card payment failure. During this situation, you have to follow these essential ways –

  • Choose the resubscribe button in the email, doing so will receive you to the Quickbooks “My Account” page.
  • Move to your mail and press on the “Resubscribe” Url. when you press on it, you will reach the Quickbooks my Account page. 
  • On this page, you want to sign in utilizing your username or password.
  • Then upgrade your payment information or change the card details information. 
  • Later that, press on save followed by continues.
  • Confirm and verify the move through all the information on the previous last page.
  • And last, select the reactivate button to end the process.
  • You will get a message saying – Subscription renewed reactivate.
  • Wait till then 24 hours for your renewal process to actually complete. 


We hope all the entire information helped you a lot with Renewal & Reactivate Subscription in Quickbooks Enhanced Payroll. Even now you have any problem-related renewal or reactivate in Quickbooks Payroll Enhanced Payroll, so you can dial our Quickbooks Payroll Support Phone Number. 

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